Sunday, April 06, 2014

Dick B. Papers: The Real Power Behind A.A. Was, Is, and Should be Almighty God

After 25 years of research, travel, talks, interviews, books, articles, and posts on social media, we are shifting to a much more simple plan for dissemination of information on recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and codependency through reliance on God.

Very shortly , you will see video presentations that will be available on YouTube, Blogs, Radio, Video, Facebook, Twitter, Webinars, Forums, newsletters, websites, and all to avoid  the expense to you of having to send us the financial means to travel around the country and give talks.

The books will, of course, still be available and widely used. But it will not be necessary to be a bookworm to learn how to become well, sober, and happy through God's love--just as AAs did in the early days when Bob and Bill were working together.

The internet is now the key to inexpensive help for alcoholics and addicts who want to know exactly Why Early A.A. Succeeded, What  the earliest Akron A.A. pioneers did that put A.A. on  the map, and how to apply old school A.A. for the benefit of those Christians and believers who want the option to seek and rely on the power and love of God -- just as the early AAs did. And to be tolerant of those who don't want or like that option to be available today.

A.A. is not monolithic. It has two million different viewpoints, needs, approaches, fellowship ideas, and group ideas. The broad highway is not the highway  to  uniformity. It's the path that allows those who understand A.A. successes to pursue them through relying on the power of God today, as early AAs did yesteryear

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