Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop online this black Friday and holiday season for low prices on Dick B. History Books

You can always buy online the many historical books by Dick B. This holiday season is no exception. However, there are substantial discounted prices if you shop online right now.

We'll tell you how and make some suggestions.

First, with listings of Dick B., Paradise Research Publications, and titles is making available right now some exceptionally good prices for purchase on line.

Second, you can always purchase online from Dick B. by using check or money order sent to us at Dick B., PO Box  837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837; or by phoning 808 874 4876 and using your credit  card, or by using the "donate" button on our main website, or by clicking through to  your  title of choice on our titles page There are pictures of the covers, details about each book, and details on how to order.

Now for the savings opportunities.

As stated, go to, look under Dick B. or Paradise Research Publications, and order.

Take advantage of two of our own important bargain prices.

First bargain offer right now:  You can have these saving prices, by purchasing at least 3 books each of The Original 1939 Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous (with the long ignored, forgotten, or unused "personal stories of the pioneers," original language of the First Edition, and a 27 page introduction by Dick B.) and 3 books each of The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible.

The first edition reprint has just been published by Dover Publications, Inc. Its retail/list price is $12.00 plus. But in our offer, you can buy three for  $6.00 per book if you also buy three copies of The Good Book and the Big Book (retail/list price is $23.95). This tremendous savings on the Dick B. book, is  yours for $ 6.00 per book - only as part of the bargain offer. 3 and 3 books for  $6.00 each, plus shipping and handling. Email us at, or phone 808 874  4876, or send  your check or money order to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837. If you phone or email, we will also provide you with the shipping and handling cost.

Second bargain offer right now: Of the 46 A.A. history books, he has published, Dick B. has assembled 30 which he believes will be most useful to you. These are called "The Dick B. A.A. History Reference Set."

If purchased individually, the set of 30 books would cost retail/list about  $700.00

Right now, you can purchase the entire set of 30  titles for $249.00 - no handling, free shipping. A lifetime value available now at unusual prices this year.

May your holidays be bright and merry! And may your service to God and others about you be strong and fruitful.

Dick B.

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