Monday, November 19, 2012

Buy your Dick B. A.A. History Books Online This Year

Dick B. has published 46 titles on Alcoholics Anonymous History. Most of the major ones are listed with pictures of the covers, bibliographic details, price, and description of the book contents. You can order these online in at least two ways:

1. Go to Select the title or titles you want. Order directly from the title page.

2. Go to Look  up Paradise Research Publications, Inc. Or look up Dick B. books, and order directly from amazon. Amazon often offers special prices.So don't miss this opportunity.

Dick B. offers a complete reference set of 30 history titles at  a huge discount--about 2/3 off. Many Big Book study groups, Christian recovery fellowships, treatment  programs, counselors, interventionists, and libraries are taking advantage of this offer--which enables you to have a complete reference set of titles, to select  the one or ones you want to study, and to have your valuable Alcoholics Anonymous History references ready for use for a lifetime.

For further information, contact Dick B. 808 874 4876 or email

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