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Rudiments of Christian Recovery Techniques for Alcoholics

Elements Of Spiritual Recovery In 1935 And Today
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The rudiments of Christian recovery from alcoholism and addiction have not changed since long before A.A. was formed out of the seemingly hopless, incurable medically, malady of alcoholism and drug addiction.
The elements came from the practices of the First Century Chrisianity Apostles as recorded in the Book of Acts. These believers focused on the Word daily. Daily they fellowshipped together, broke bread together, prayed together, learned the Word of God together, met in the homes or the Temple, witnessed, converted others to God through Christ, and then sallied forth to gather others urging that the new members do the same things. And the church grew daily by the thousands.
Early A.A. was likened to First Century Christianity because of the simple Christian techniques borrowed and applied from the Apostles. These A.A. pioneers told new people what God had done for them; brought them together daily, prayed together daily, studied the Word of God together daily, fellowshipped daily in the homes or the Temple, observed Quiet Time together, learned how to overcome temptation by submission to God as outlined in the Book of James, witnessed to, prayed for, and healed the new people--urging them in turn to go and do likewise.
The basic formula was simple and effectie: (1) Qualify the newcomer as seriously wanting help. (2) Having him give his life to God and come to God through Jesus Christ . (3) Obey God's will be living love and eleminating sinful conduct. (4) Growing spiritually through prayer and Bible study. (5) Helping others get straight the same way. (6) Urging daily fellowship and workshop and attendance at a religous service once a week.
The result?
A documted 75% success rate among those who went to any length to get God's help.

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