Friday, August 10, 2012

Update on AA History "Lover" Glenn C.

Does that mean that Dick is going into a nursing home or
some place else like that where there will be no
room to store all those books?

It looks like Dick's son Ken is taking over most of the running o
the operation now, and seems to want to get rid of most
of the stock of Dick's books which they have stored on their shelves.

And/or, Dick's son Ken (who is a pastor who is not a
recovering alcoholic himself) wants to start
putting more emphasis on Christian recovery
as a church-oriented endeavor with less AA involvement.

I don't know. Do you know more?

If we posted this in the AAHistoryLovers, we
would get a really furious protest from some of
our members, accompanied by serious threats to
quit the group themselves.

It seems best, doesn't it, to assume that those
who are Dick's fans will already be on his internet
mailing list, or will know people who are?
It wouldn't help anything at all to tear the
AAHistoryLovers apart and destroy it, just in
order to post one announcement which those who are
interested will have probably already received anyway.

Glenn Chesnut

My response
Group members give serious threats to
quit the group themselves


Banning someone because their scholarship is different is counterproductive.
Banning someone because they submitted a message about an AA historian's book give away is INSANE AND DOWNRIGHT WRONG. Where are your morals Glenn C?? are you really practicing
the Principles of AA

I Challenge Glenn Chesnut
to address these issues
within The AA History Lovers Group

(1) I Demand an apology and retraction.
(2) I Demand reinstatement as a member.
(3) I Demand reinstatement of Dick B as a member
(4) I Call for his (Glenn C) resignation for conduct unbecoming of a
moderator and unauthorized actions by his self/group
which are deeply damaging to a member.
(5) I call for new non biased
non internet
and non publishing
I Was a participating member for many years.
I did absolutely nothing that was in any way abusive, incorrect, or promotional.
I was banned by one man, Glenn Chesnut,
in an arbitrary, insulting, abrupt way—without any reasonable justification.
All should desire to see
Glenn Chestnut Moderator Yahoo AA History Lovers as Moderator Emeritus

Read Dick B's Response
Someone who purports to be the moderator of A forum posting site and someone else who uses the name AWUH decided to write insolent replies to my post. Their problem is that they didn't take the time to learn the facts before they wrote.
The Big Book calls this "contempt prior to investigation."
(Editor LDP: I am not sure to which site or post Dick B is Referring to here
in this first paragraph)

If I post, I can expect contempt now and then.
Contempt prior to investigation is another matter entirely.

Here are the facts:

The owner of has been a long and consistent contributor to all kinds of history about A.A. And for many years.

I have no connection whatever with his website or him although he has posted a number of items about me - as well as other historians like Mel Barger, Ernest Kurtz, and many others. He has also gathered and posted a large number of books and articles germane to A.A. history.

However, apparently he decided--when he learned that I was distributing free cases of A.A. history books (350 cases)--to tell aa history lovers about the opportunity. He didn't notify me in advance or ask my permission or receive any request from me.

Instead, he was told by the owner of that site - Glenn Chesnut - that I was headed for a nursing home, was turning my 20 years of research over to one of my sons, and was trying to "Christianize" A.A.

Then Chesnut banned the contributor from his website and told him members would be "furious" if he listed anything pertaining to Dick B.

I have no connection whatever with A.A. history lovers. I don't surf it. I don't use it. I don't like one or two of the members because of their close-mindedness, but I know and like dozens of the others. And I have never met Glenn Chesnut.

I have protested the affront to the owner of aabibliography because I oppose censorship of A.A. history, and Glenn Chesnut has claimed he has most of the leading historians connected with his site. If he does, I am not surprised that several of them--who are my friends--have written me regretting Glenn's intemperate and arbitrary acts.

To close the matter, live and let live. Onward to the history lovers. Onward to aabibliography. And let the dead bury their dead.
I’m glad to see your revised announcement about A.A. History Lovers. Chesnut deserves every statement you made because your
statements are truthful and his attitude is vicious and harmful to AAs.
God bless,
Dick B.

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