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AA History: 20 Big Book 1st Ed Personal Stories

Alcoholics Anonymous History: 20 Big Book 1st  Edition Personal Stories - Starting the Trail

20 Personal Stories in “the Printer’s Copy” of Alcoholics Anonymous

As Seen in The Book That Started It All

(in Alphabetical Order)


A Business Man’s Recovery

A Different Slant

A Feminine Drinker

A Ward of the Probate Court

** Ace Full—Seven—Eleven   [** Del Tryon’s personal story—not included in first edition **]


Fired Again

Home Brewmeister

My Wife and I

Our Southern Friend

Riding the Rods


Smile with Me, at Me

The Back-Slider

The Doctor’s Nightmare

The European Drinker

The Fearful One


The Salesman

The Seven Month Slip

The Unbeliever

Traveler, Editor, Scholar

Truth Freed Me!



** 10 Personal Stories Not in “the Printer’s Copy” of Alcoholics Anonymous That Were Included in the First Edition (1939)—for a total of 29 personal stories in the first edition.


A Close Shave

An Alcoholic’s Wife

An Artist’s Conception

Another Prodigal Story

Educated Agnostic



Lone Endeavor

On His Way

The Car Smasher

The Rolling Stone

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