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Dick B. July 30 Radio Interview of Christian Recovery Leader Steve F. of Florida

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Steve F. of Altamonte Springs, Florida


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Dick B.

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Synopsis of the Steve F. Interview—One you won’t want to miss!

Steve F. of Altamonte Springs, Florida is: (1) A long-recovered member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. (2) An A.A. member who was sponsored by Clarence H. Snyder (whose sponsor was Dr. Bob). (3) Chief Shepherd of the Clarence Snyder “Came to Believe” Retreats which now number twenty and are held in England, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, and wherever there is need and energy to put them on. (4) One of the authors, as well as the publisher, of  Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community: A Twelve-Step Guide for Those Who want to Believe, by Three Clarence Snyder Sponsee Old-timers and Their Wives, Compiled and Edited by Dick B. (5) A Christian recovery leader, and a participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition. (6) Married to Sue F., the father of two, and a businessman in Winter Park, Florida. (7) Yes. He does have a drinking period, and he tells a bit about it in the interview.

High Points

Probably the most important aspect of Steve’s interview concerned his meeting of old-timer Clarence Snyder; Snyder’s no-nonsense, specific way of taking AAs through the 12 Steps in six hours as soon as possible; and the simple and urgent need for those who want to say they are recovered to answer three beginning questions and get moving. “Now!,” said Stev,e was the epitome of  Clarence Snyder’s approach to recovery. The three questions put to a newcomer were: (1) Do you think you have a drinking problem? (2) Do you want to do anything about it? (3) What are you willing to do about it? And the only answer to the last question was, “Anything.”

With Clarence, there were no suggestions. Just laws. There was no Bible thumping. Just letting your light shine by attraction. And, as to when the newcomer should begin, the Clarence Snyder answer was, “How long do you want to stay sick?”

Steve then illustrated exactly how Clarence took groups of AAs through the Twelve Steps in six hours. And, in Steve’s case, the process began three weeks after he got sober and met Clarence. Clarence was a promoter. He often said, “Who would be attracted to a drunk!” So he advertised. He took 30 or 40 men through the Steps as a group. He spoke of the solution: “A prescription with 12 ingredients.” It was to be taken before a “lower power” got to work trying to confuse. It was to be taken before a “pity committee” took charge. It was to assure that the newcomer got sober and recovered.

Steve devoted a portion of his time to explaining what happens in the twenty spiritual retreats for AAs and their families that are now being held. He pointed out how on Sunday, the concluding of the three day events, the twenty or thirty people who had come in with pale faces and fear were given a gold chip for their real surrender to Jesus Christ. They were then to go out, spread the word, continue the legacy, and do the work.

The Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community twelve step guide has now been used by at least 20,000 people. It covers the history, the actual taking of the steps, and the methods for conducting and leading a retreat. It can be obtained from Steve for $3.50 a copy, including postage. Details are found on Steve’s A.A. phone number is 407 862 5900. His email is Payment in advance is required.

We encourage all listeners to go to the website, locate one of the retreat dates, and locations. Obtain a copy of the Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community guides; and take the 12 Steps at one of the retreats or as an organized group. There are speakers at the retreats; testimonies by those who have “come to believe;” and opportunity for prayer and praise. I myself have been privileged to attend and be a speaker at several of these retreats—in Florida, Wisconsin, and Southern California.

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