Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christian Recovery Leader Radio Interview: Dr. Jean LaCour

Preview of A.A. Historian Dick B.’s Monday, July 16, 2012, Radio Interview of Christian Recovery Leader Jean LaCour, Ph.D., CPP, of Daytona Beach, Florida, President of NET Training Institute, Inc., and of the International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition


By Dick B.

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Our guest is Jean LaCour, Ph.D., CPP, of Daytona Beach, Florida. Jean is a Christian Recovery leader and Leadership Advisor of the International Christian Recovery Coalition. She is a recovery professional, devoted Christian, and volunteer who wears many hats. I’m sure she will be telling us about each of them. And they are:

·         President and Cofounder of NET Training Institute, Inc. (

·         President of the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC).

·         Member of “Partners for Recovery,” a steering committee for the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

·         Former Faith Coordinator for Florida’s Access to Recovery (ATR) program.

My son Ken and I have known and worked in the recovery arena with Jean and her husband Charles for about 20 years. She was active with us in the founding of ISAAC in Florida. In fact, she introduced us to some wonderful Christian recovery leaders in Florida. One was Bishop Frank Costantino, President of Bridges of America and a leader in the prison ministry field. Another was Rev. Mickey Evans of Dunklin Memorial Church in Okeechobee where we visited and were speakers several times and toured his Christian, 12-Step-oriented facility, and actual work program for residents and for visiting family members.

I’m also sure Jean will tell us the most about the NET Training Institute where she and her husband have developed courses dealing with and instructing in faith-based addiction counseling; training and curriculum design, international addiction and prevention training, and  pastoral leadership development. And she received excellent training in all these fields as part of her educational work. Equally significant have been her wide travels to other countries on behalf of and with leaders of ISAAC. Most recently she has been honored to work with a United Nations group addressing addiction problems around the world.

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