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Dick B. Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Jim Gaffney of NY

The Dick B. Interview of Christian Recovery Leader James E. Gaffney of Nyack, New York, on the July 14, 2012, Episode  of the “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” Show


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Synopsis of the Interview

James E. Gaffney of Nyack, New York, brought to us today a wealth of useful Christian Recovery experience in several fields important to the work of International Christian Recovery Coalition

First, after appropriate payment of his dues to drug addiction, he right now is celebrating his 33rd year of continuous sobriety. Second, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in the pharmacy field and became a registered pharmacist—an area that also, for a time, facilitated his drug use. Third, he is one of those alcoholic/addicts like Bill Wilson who achieved instant healing when he finally twice cried out to God for help. Fourth, he began his ascent back to clean and sober living through his association with Christian treatment programs and Christian churches—by seeking ministry training and becoming an ordained minister, gaining expertise in Christian counseling at Fuller Seminary and elsewhere, and becoming a leader in recovery and care pastoring field. Fifth, by seeking certification as a licensed drug and alcohol counselor, and now by pursuing a Master’s Degree in marriage and family counseling—to help the  families, relatives, and friends of afflicted people. Finally, by learning the importance of daily fellowship and recovery work very much like that so effective and present in First Century Christianity as described in the Book of Acts.

Jim’s experience with “Divine Aid” as a solution to alcoholism and addiction began when he was heavily addicted to “speed.” He uttered a prayer to God (as described in the interview)—promising to serve Him for the rest of his life. He was instantly healed. But, like others, he had not had enough of temptation; and he returned to smoking, use of marijuana, and finally cocaine. So once again he cried out to God, expecting at least to be tortured by withdrawal. But again, he was instantly healed, had no withdrawal problems whatever, and began his long and successful continuous sobriety of 33 years which he is celebrating this week.

What experience does he bring to the table? First, he began attending a local church peopled by former alcoholics and addicts and had that support. Next, he moved to Florida. And there he spent two years with his family in a well-known treatment program. There was instruction in the Word of God, training in the Twelve Steps, prayer, and work! Each day, by 10 AM, those present went to work on an acreage of cattle ranching, orange groves, and care for palm trees. And he gained a deep appreciation for this daily emphasis and commitment and its impact on recovery. From there, he returned to the Tabernacle Church in Melbourne, Florida—where he received Ministry training and was ordained—also becoming recovery pastor. And he established networking with other Christian churches so intense that there was a Christian recovery program every single night. Again, he gained an understanding of the importance of daily Christian fellowship, 12 Step work, and instruction in the Bible with prayer.

Then, Jim received a call from Mariners Church in Orange County, California. He moved there when the church had some 1800 members and wanted to hire a recovery pastor. That church has grown to about 14,000 members. Jim devoted 20 years of work to that church serving as recovery pastor, care pastor, and resources pastor—finally deciding to go into the counseling field where he had had extensive experience and training.

As covered in our interview, Jim was of immense help in the establishment of our International Christian Recovery Coalition. He arranged for us to hold the first nationwide recovery conference for Christian recovery leaders with Dick B. at Mariners Church. That was in May, 2009. And by July, 2009 International Christian Recovery Coalition was founded, with Jim as one of the leaders. The Coalition owes him a great debt. And it extends far beyond the 2009 events. With his successful experience in networking, Jim put us in touch with three strong Christian recovery leaders in Orange County—one at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa; one the President and Founder of New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc. (which quickly provided us with a free Coalition office at its headquarters in Huntington Beach); and another at Capo Calvary.

He also helped put us in touch with Dr. John Townsend, clinical psychologist; Dr. David Stoop—Editor of Life Recovery Bible; and Bobby Nicholl, interventionist and director at Celebrate a New Life at Hope by the Sea in San Juan Capistrano. And these all helped us work with a very strong group of Christian recovery leaders in Orange County, California.

Jim Gaffney today stands as one of those experienced, talented leaders who is thoroughly conversant with addiction problems and Twelve Step programs; experienced as a minister and pastor; skilled as a counselor; widely known and recognized as a recovery pastor—and the trainer of recovery pastors; and now soon to become a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in New York as well as a Marriage and Family Counselor there. He can be reached at and through And we know we will be availing ourselves of his help and counsel for many years to come.

Gloria Deo

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