Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Summit Plans for the excellent group of panelists Sep 17 Costa Mesa

North American Summit Conference Meeting #1
presented by
The International Christian Recovery Coalition
The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa, California
Saturday, September 17, 2011

What We Would Like Each Panelist to Speak About


1. For each panelist, 10 minutes is allotted. And it’s his or her own show. Meaning, we will not tell them specifically what to say, but we will say in the moderating remarks why they have been invited to share at the conference.

2. In the 10-minute introduction, Dick B. and Ken B. will explain to the audience why the panelists have been invited, point to the program information about them, state what we hope they will cover, and comment on how important it is for the panel members to get to know us, each other, and those attending the conference to the extent possible. For example, conference attendees can meet with each other: (a) At the Friday night, Sept. 16, Lifelines meeting and subsequent workshop. (b) At meals before, during, and after the Conference. Dick B. and Ken B. will be in Orange County until Thursday morning, Sept. 22, and will be glad to meet by appointment from Saturday afternoon through Wednesday evening. Please call Ken B. at (808) 276-4945 to arrange a meeting with us.

3. We will introduce and call on each panelist in turn to give a 10-minute talk.

What we hope each panelist will cover in their ten-minute presentation

1. Point to their exhibit or brochures, and invite the audience to see them further.

2. Explain briefly their particular recovery area (e.g., Christian treatment, Christian fellowship meetings, out-patient treatment, intervention, sober-living, pastoral or Christian counseling, Speakers Bureau, classes, outreach to prisoners, homeless, etc.)

3. Explain briefly their particular approach to Christian recovery, and anything they would like to suggest as to how International Christian Recovery Coalition Participants can get involved with and/or benefit from the panelist's work.

4. Explain briefly any ideas they have for growing the Christian Recovery Movement, for enhancing the effectiveness of the International Christian Recovery Coalition's “Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons” efforts, and/or for any future projects for the International Christian Recovery Coalition.

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