Thursday, September 08, 2011

Special News for Orange County & Southern California Recovery Folks

Special News for Orange County & Southern California Recovery Folks


Interveners, Counselors, Agencies, Treatment Programs, After Care, Sober-Transitional Living, Sober Clubs, 12-Steppers, Physicians, Clergy, Veterans, Newcomers

Friday evening, 7:00 pm, September 16, “Lifelines;” Costa Mesa
Saturday 9:00 am to 1:45 pm, September 17, Recovery Leaders, Workers, Newcomers

Location: The Crossing Church is Host—2115 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92637

Open to the public, free, no registration needed, top notch music, speakers, panelists, displays

The News

If you want God’s help or want to help those who do seek His power and love and guidance in their difficult return and recovery from addiction and affliction – alcohol, drugs, family consequences, then this is the time and place to learn what comprehensive recovery really offers and means.

From all over North America, long-recovered, experienced, concerned leaders, facilitators,
counselors, sponsors, and speakers will tell you and those about whom you share concern
just what can be added to recovery to enhance, improve, and facilitate complete victory.

You will find about the origins, history, founding and original growth of the recovery movement.

You will learn how the early A.A. Fellowship in Akron developed a highly successful program

You will see how the early “old school” program can be and is being applied today.

You will understand the freedom you have in recovery today to talk about God, talk about where to “find” God in the recovery movement today, and the resources you may never have heard of.

Come and See

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