Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A.A. - Bill Wilson - Dr. William D. Silkworth - and Silky as devout Christian

The recent Hazelden published biography of Bill Wilson's famous psychiatrist, William D. Silkworth, MD. tells us some important new facts:

1. Dr. Silkworth was a devout Christian.
2. He was a friend of and attender at Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's church.
3. He was a friend of and regular communicant at Calvary Episcopal Church in New York, where Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr., was rector.
4. Silkworth advised Bill Wilson as well as a member of Peale's church that Jesus Christ could cure them of their alcoholism. Silkworth called Jesus Christ the "Great Physician."
5. Bill Wilson seized on this advise, pondered calling on the "Great Physician," made a decision for Jesus Christ at Calvary Rescue Mission, wrote in his autobiography--"For sure I had been born again, went to Towns Hospital and did decide to call on the "Great Physician." After a cry to God for help, Wilson had his famous "white light experience," believed he had been in the presence of the "God of the Scriptures," was cured, and never drank again.
6. Bill's own testimony about the "Lord" and how the Lord had cured him is on page 191 of the Alcoholics Anonymous basic text, published in 2001.

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