Monday, September 06, 2010

The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide & California Talks by Dick B.

During his three-week series of conferences and meetings in California between Sep 12and Oct 2, Dick B., along with his son Ken B., will be covering a large number of different talks on: (1) The Origins of the Christian Recovery Movement. (2) The Christian up-bringing of A.A.'s two co-founders Dr. Bob and Bill W. (3) The elements from A.A.'s Christian roots that impacted on the original Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship founded in 1935. (4) What the original, "old school" A.A. program was--as investigated and summarized by Frank Amos--and published in A.A. literature. (5) The original practices of the early fellowship. (6) The actual, documented success rate of the original program in 1937, and in Cleveland in 1939-40 after the Big Book was published. (7) The relationship of A.A. to the Oxford Group. (8) The importance of the teachings of Rev. Sam Shoemaker in the language of A.A.'s Big Book and Twelve Steps. (9) The changes made in both the original program and the Shoemaker teachings just as the Big Book was going to press. (10) The application of the original program principles and practices in A.A. today.

There will be at least 11 conferences and many individual meetings throughout California. And no one meeting or conference will be covering all of the forgoing subjects.

Those who are coming to the talks can prepare themselves beforehand. Those who attend the talks can obtain documentation at the talks. And those who want to be able to document, study, and understand all the materials can do so at their leisure afterward. And those who don't attend can study it all in our 2010 The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed.

You can see The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., discussed at some length on this web page:

You can order this guide from that page and by using the donate paypal button on the main page of Dick's website

The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide can also be obtained by phoning Ken B. at 808 276 4945, giving Ken your credit card #, expiration date, and mailing address.

And we urge all who want the complete materials to be covered in Calfornia to purchase a copy of The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., now or at the conferences.

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