Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Recovery Meetings with Dick


Dick B. said...

Serenity Group - Church of the Nazarene - Wednesday meeting.

Large audience; meeting with recovery leadership and volunteers; music; choir; birthday
chips; food for all.

Topic by Dick B. and Ken B.
Participating in Alcoholics Anonymous as a believing Christian.

1. Three programs over the years of A.A. - all compatible with present-day A.A. as laid out in the latest edition of the Big Book:

a) The original Akron program founded in 1935 and led by Dr. Bob; summarized on page 131 of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers; discussed by Dr. Bob in his last major address to AAs in 1945 and published in AAGS Conference-approved Pamphlet P-53; 14 practices of the pioneers found in The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010; and which, by November, 1937 had produced a documented 75% succes rate among seemingly hopeless, medically incurable, last gasp real alcoholics who went to any lenghs and really tried to get well.

b) The Big Book program with the 12 Steps published in the Spring of 1939--containing Bible and Christian materials before 400 of these pages were thrown out and before the language of Steps 2, 3, and 11 was changed to eliminate unqualfied reference to God; but which stil contained the material on page 29 (about establishing a relationship with God); which still contained the material on page 58-59 about finding "God" Now; and which concluded with the abc's on page 60--telling that God could and would, if He were sought, relieve them of their alcoholism; concluding with the statement on page 181 by Dr. Bob: "Your Heavenly Father will never let you down!"

3. The Cleveland group--the first called "Alcoholics Anonymous," for alcoholics only, founded by Clarence Snyder on May 11, 1939. Clarence brought with him to Cleveland the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, the Bible, and the Oxford Group 4 Absolutes--honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love. This group grew from one group to thirty groups in a year. It was the fastest growing program in America; and it achieved a documented 93% success rate.

We have now spoken at 15 meetings in California from San Diego to Oroville--with Chico and Brentwood still to go.

We have found a resounding surge in what we call "A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly" recovery fellowships. They are found, led by dynamic Christian AAs and NAs, in treatment programs, counselor training programs, A.A. meetings, Christ-centered groups, a Christian recovery fellowships.

The tools for leadership and training:
1. "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery" - our 4 DVD class with guides. It is now in use in San Diego, Orange County, Covina, and Oroville--in Christian recovery groups, treatment programs, A.A. fellowships, counseling programs, a rescue mission, a drug court optional program, and by churches and individuals.

2. "The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide," 3rd ed., 2010. This thoroughly researched and documented spiral bound book contains the best of our 20 years of research into recovery movement origins, A.A.'s founding, the resultant programs, the successes, and how you can apply all of this today.

3. Guides to the 12 Steps that are based on their real origins in the Bible, the teachings of Rev. Sam Shoemaker, and the Big Book program of action instructions which began in 1934 with Ebby Thacher to Bill Wilson.

All this can be obtained, viewed, and ordered on our main website

Dick B. said...

Catalyzed by the leadership of long-time A.A. and Christian businessman Dale M. at Church of the Nazarene in Oroville, here's what's happening:

First- it's A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly.

Second, it's accompanied by A.A. meetings, Bible studies, Step studies, men's and women's groups, church services, outreach to rescue missions, incarcerated people, drug court "clients," treatment programs, and similar programs developing in San Diego, Costa Mesa, San Jose, Livermore, Auburn, and Brentwood where we are speaking.

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