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California Recovery Meetings with

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Dick B. said...

What we see emerging regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and what we call "A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly" 12 Step Fellowships, A.A. and N.A. Fellowships, Christ-centered programs, Christian recovery groups, church sponosred recovery outreach, study groups, counselor training, Christian treatment programs, and Christian recovery leaders and volunteers and servants

1. Speakers on the A.A. roots, Big Book program, early A.A. techniques and successes, applying Old school A.A. in recovery today. These men and women are being invited to speak to A.A. groups, churches, Christian recovery fellowships, and recovery organizaions.

2. Leaders of study groups in 12 Step Fellowships, Christian recovery fellowships. churches, and treatment facilities.

3. Coordination and communication among the foregoing groups--lots of which began at our large First Nationwide Christian Recovery Leaders Conference at Mariner's Church in Irvine, California.

4. Enthusiasm for the coalition potential of our fast growing International Christian Recovery Coalition

5. Organizing leadership training groups which will enable leaders to listen, learn, and then pass on a recovery program truly based on the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in Christian recovery work since the 1850's. This means understanding the real roots of successful Christian recovery culminating in the early A.A. Christian Fellowship founded in Akron by Bill W. and Dr. Bob in 1935. The root ideas were sewn, used, and succeeding among evangelists like Dwight Moody, F.B. Meyer, and Billy Sunday; rescue mission programs like those of Jerry McAuley at Water Street <ossopm amd Calvary Rescue Mission in New York; YMCA lay leaders whose conversion and gospel meetings spawned the Great Awakening of 1875 in DR. Bob's boyhood village of St. Johnsbury, Vermont; the work of Salvation Army in the sums of London as reported in Harold Begbie's Twice-Born Men book so popular in early
A.A.; the specific program of the Young People's Christian Endeavor Society, in which Dr. Bob was active in his high school years and laid out the ideas of conversion meetings, prayer meetings, Bible study meetings, Quiet Hour, topical discussions, and the principles of Love and Service which were embedded in the Original Akron program of 1935.

Stick with the Winners. Learn how and why Dr. Bob successfully treated 5000 drunks in Akron. Learn why the first program had a documented 75% success rate. Learn how the first three AAs got sober and stayed sober by relying on God when there were no Steps, Traditions, Big Books, drukalogs, or meetings as we know them today.
Learn how the Cleveland A.A. program was formed in May, 1939, and utilized the Big Book 12 Steps, Bible, and Oxford Group 4 absolutex. It grew from one group to 30 in a year. It had a documented 93% success rate. It became a format for Christian recovery success using the tools of Akron, of the Big Book, and even of the Oxford Group's "yarsticks" of honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love.

These were the winners--not the whiners and the dumpers. Stick with Dr. Bob, the Akron program, the Big Book program--even as it is epitomized in the abc's on page 60 of today's Big Book and stick with the 93% success rate actions of the Cleveland Grou.

You can learn about the real Alcoholics Anonymous, the winning Alcoholics Anonymous, and the present-day potential in Alcoholics Anonymous if you use these tools from the start:

"Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovwey"- 4 DVD's - www.dickb/IFCR-Class shtml

"The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010"

The Bible roots of A.A.

It's all covered in our main websie