Saturday, July 03, 2010

Christian Recovery - The Great Information Gap Today

This will be a short note about the growing price paid for the "Great Information Gap in Christian Recovery Today."

Simply stated, that gap lies in the lack of information known or presented in just about every Christian recovery counseling program, Christian treatment program, Christ-centered recovery program, and Christian recovery groups and ministries carrying a Christian message for alcoholics, addicts, and those with life-controlling problems. Their ministries may be soundly Christian, but the all-important Christian roots of Christian recovery are usually missing.

Wherein lies the information gap? It lies in the fact that today we have the benefit of 20 years of research, publishing, and dissemination of the facts about the role of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the recovery movement. Today, a library has been established in the church attended by A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob Smith and his entire family. The library is called The Dr. Bob Core Library located in North Congregational Church, Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermong--the village in which Dr. Bob was born, raised, had a Christian upbringing, attended church and prayer meetings, participated in the Young People's Christian Endeavor Society, and attended St. Johnsbury Academy where daily chapel, weekly Bible study, and weekly Congregational Church attendance were required of every student. The Dr. Bob Core Library contains volumes of material today showing the Christian origins of A.A.

The roots of Christian recovery were not in the Oxford Group--as so many write and probably believe today. The roots of A.A. and Christian recovery emerged from the Great Awakening of 1875 in Vermont and the Christian recovery successes of evangelists and their revivals, rescue missions, YMCA lay workers and their revivals and conversions, the Salvation Army, and The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor in the State of Vermont and nearby states--both A.A. cofounders having been born and raised in Congregational families in Vermont.

By the time A.A.'s Christian Recovery program was founded in 1935, the first three AAs turned to God for help and were cured. And, by that time, all believed in Almighty God, were Christians, and had studied the Bible.

There is much much more; and you can get your start with the new class "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery" fully described in

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