Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A.A. History-Christian Origins-Conference Schedule for Sept. 2010

Itinerary now scheduled tentatively for the many conferences, meetings, and seminars Dick B. and Ken B. will be holding in California during their forthcoming trip between September 11 and October 2, 2010.

Calls are now being exchanged for specific invitations and locations, and the schedule is filling up rapidly. We therefore welcome your contact with Ken B. at 808 276 4945 or Dick B. at dickb@dickb.com in the next few days of July to see how we can bless and serve you in your area during the trip.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

1. September 12 - Orange County, with probably location in Costa Mesa Hotel: with planned meetings yet to be confirmed for Assn of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, New Life Spiritual Recovery, Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Celebrate a New Life, Lifelines, James Club Fellowships, His Place, Salvation Army, rescue missions, and Christian recovery leaders and facilitators, as well as A.A. and N.A. leaders in the area.

2. September 24 - Escondido and San Diego Area with Rock Recovery leaders and Neighborhood Alcoholics For Christ in Escondido, plus other Christian recovery and 12 Step leaders in the area.

3. September 29 - San Francisco Bay Area with Golden West, Cornerstone, CityTeam and other leaders of recovery fellowships in Brentwood, Oakland, Livermore, San Jose.

We have yet to confirm with these folks and have a flexible schedule at this time. It anticipates personal meetings with leaders--just as we have had on other visits, presentations to groups, conferences with counselors and program leaders, and talks to 12 Step groups, as well as a new outreach to church recovery, rescue mission, prison, homeless, sober living, and ARC leaders in these areas.

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