Friday, June 25, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous Christians

Some writers intent on establishing A.A. as a religion, or intent on proving that is not fit for Christians, or intent on misreporting the true Christian nature of early A.A. are now using the expression "Alcoholics Anonymous Christians."

This is just a heads-up on where that phrase should lead a leader in search of information about Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935, 1939, and today.

To what does the phrase "Alcoholics Anonymous Christians" refer? I think the answer depends on what you want to know.

One answer is that there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Christians participating in the two million member fellowship of A.A. today. So the answer is: Of course, there are Christians in Alcoholics Anonymous. In fact, you may, if you wish, call me an Alcoholics Anonymous Christian.

Another is that Christians are or should be welcome in A.A. just as are any of those with a drinking problem totally welcome--Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, zulu tribesman, or unbeliever.

Stilll another is that it's time to stop buying into all the tricky language being used by anti-AA folks--Christians and others--who seem more determined to drive people out of A.A. than they are to learn what A.A. offers Christians today and how Christians can serve and glorify God and His Son today just as they did in the 1800's in the rescue missions, YMCA, Salvation Army, and revivals and just as they did in the old fashioned prayer meetings, Bible studies, and conversions to Jesus Christ that were required fare in the Akron "old school" A.A. of 1935.

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