Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AA Cofounder Bill W.--Recent New Highlilghts

By Dick B., Copyright 2010 Anonymous. All rights reserved.

Much of the writing about Bill Wilson, whether by Bill himself, or by other historians, has not included our recent historical findings: (1) Bill's Christian upbringing by the Wilson and Griffith families at East Dorset Congregational Church. (2) Bill's witnessing of revival, conversion, and temperance meetings. (3) Bill's frequent reminders from his mother that his grandfather Willie Wilson was cured of alcoholism by a white light spiritual experience at the top of Mount Aeolus near East Dorset. (4) Bill's study of the Bible with his grandfather Griffith and his friend Mark W. (5) Bill's years at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester Vermont where he: (a) Attended daily chapel. (b) Attended weekly church services at Manchester Congregational Church. (c) Took a four-year Bible study course. (d) Was president of the school YMCA when his girlfriend Bertha Bamford was president of the YWCA and they participated in "Y" activities at that time. (6) Bill's slipping into deep depression at the time of Bertha's unexpected death, his turning his back on God, and his religious hiatus until he met Dr. Silkworth. (7) Dr. Silkworth's advice to Bill that the Great Physician Jesus Christ could cure Bill of alcoholism--this occurring on Bill's third hospitalization at Towns Hospital. (8) The decision for Jesus Christ by Bill's friend Ebby Thacher at the Calvary Rescue Mission. (9) Ebby's relating to Bill Ebby's new birth. (10) Bill's checking out Ebby's story by hearing Ebby's testimony at Calvary Church. (11) Bill's decision to go to Calvary Rescue Mission to get what Ebby had received. (12) Bill's decision for Jesus Christ at the Calvary Rescue Mission Altar. (13) Bill's writing twice "For sure I was born again." (14) Bill's slipping into another deep depression, deciding that he should call on the "Great Physician" for help. (15) Bill's final trip to Towns Hospital, his cry to God for help, his immediate "white light" spiritual experience where Bill sensed God's presence in his room and said: "So this is the God of the Scriptures." (16) Bill's conclusion that his white light experience was valid, his turnabout in never again doubting the existence of God, and his cure of alcoholism for life. (17 ) Then there was Bill's immediate witnessing with a Bible under his arm--going to Towns, to the Mission, to Oxford Group meetings, to drunks on the street, and to fleabag hotels--telling the drunks to give their lives to God. (18) His apparent story--on page 191 of the Big Book--that the Lord had cured him of his terrible disease and that he just wanted to keep talking about it and telling people. (19) His utter failure to get anyone sober in the New York arena. (20) His real story when he finally met with Dr. Bob for six hours at the home of Henrietta Seiberling in Akron, Ohio.

These facts have been described in detail and documented in the following works: Dick B., The Conversion of Bill W. www.dickb.com/conversion.shtml; Dick B., Real Twelve Step Fellowship History www.dickb.com/realhistory.shtml; The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010 www.dickb.com; and our new four session class--"Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery" www.dickb.com/IFRC-Class.shtml.

Those who want to get up to date on the real history of Bill Wilson can direct their studies to the foregoing books as well as three books recently published by Hazelden--the Bill Wilson Autobiography, the Silkworth biography, and When Love is Not Enough--the Lois Wilson story.


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