Sunday, June 27, 2010

"a.a. history"

You can find many leads today on the internet if you search such terms as "a.a. history" or Alcoholics Anonymous History, or History of A.A., or A.A. Origins, or A.A. History, or Early A.A. History, or Historical roots of A.A., or A.A. spiritual roots, or just plain AA-History.

What you find may not be what you are searching for. If, that is, you want a complete, accurate, documented account of the various phases of early A.A. or original A.A. origins, founding, program, and successes.

And therefore here are a few guides that will help:

For an overall survey of A.A. history, see Turning Point: A History of the Spiritual Roots and Successes of A.A. (; Making Known the Biblical history and Spiritual Roots of A.A. (; and Real Twelve Step Fellowship History (

For a history of the Vermont roots of A.A., see Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous (; The Conversion of Bill W. (; "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery" (www.dickb.IFCR-Class.shtml).

For a history of the founding and original program of A.A. in Akron, Ohio, see The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous (; When Early AAs Were Cured and Why (; Introduction to the Sources and Founding (

For a history of the major roots of A.A. 12-Step ideas, see The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible (; The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous (; New Light on Alcoholism: God, Sam Shoemaker, and A.A. (

For a history about the major figures in the Akron founding of A.A. in 1935, see Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939 (; Dr. Bob and His Library (; The First Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference (

For specific history on the language and roots of A.A.'s Twelve Steps, see By the Power of God (; Twelve Steps for You (; The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook (

For our latest comprehensive title on the origins, founding, program, and successes of A.A., see Dick B. and Ken B., The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010 (

For questions, suggestions, and further information, contact author Dick B.

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