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Alcoholics Anonymous History – The Rest of the Story. Or Just Photos!

Alcoholics Anonymous History – The Rest of the Story. Or Just Photos!

Dick B.

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The Rest of the Alcoholics Anonymous History Story was Launched in Maine in 2013

For almost a year since the First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference last year in Portland, Maine, we have been putting together “the rest of the story”—(1) the details of Alcoholics Anonymous History, (2) the origins of A.A. ideas, (3) the many Christian organizations and individuals who successfully helped alcoholics and addicts through salvation and the Bible, (4) the Christian upbringing of A.A. cofounders Dr. Bob and Bill W. in Vermont; and (5) the storehouse of biblical truth that saturated them as youngsters with information about God, His Son Jesus Christ, the Bible, the new birth, the mind renewed to God’s Word, the promises of God, the healings available through God’s power, and the everlasting life awaiting those who chose to believe that God is and come to Him through accepting His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The need for these details was and is great.

Higher powers, peudo spirituality, idolatry, self-made religion, and even not-god-ness and total unbelief have crept into recovery for some sixty years with an ever expanding and fast moving pace.

The Real Recovery Story Begins with the Creator

Early AAs relied on God for help.

Early Akron AAs established their relationship with God by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Early Akron AAs studied the Bible daily, prayed together daily, observed Quiet Time together daily, broke bread together daily, kept in daily contact with one another, converted others, and were taught about the Creator and Jesus Christ from the Bible.

Early AAs who thoroughly dived into this program and carried its message put together a miraculous recovery technique that was attested to by the personal stories of the pioneers in the First Edition of their book, Alcoholics Anonymous. It is described in admirable detail in A.A.’s Conference-approved DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers.

Even Bill W.’s “new version of the program the Twelve Steps” mentioned God and reliance on Him countless time. It does so even today despite the compromise with atheists and agnostics that took place on the eve of the new version—the chapters written by Bill Wilson in particular—went to press in 1939.

Photos, Videos, Films, and Plays Haven’t Enlightened You About the Divine Aid

From “Lost Weekend” to “Days of Wine and Roses;” from “chalk talk” to various plays about Bob and Bill; from a few movies; from some of the ever-increasing body of photos of the principal characters and places to pamphlets and pamphlets and pamphlets, the real story of A.A.’s history has yet to be told. But it’s on its way to you right now!

Many of us have seen countless photos of Bill, Bob, Anne, Lois, Henrietta Seiberling, T. Henry Williams, Ebby Thacher, Dr. Silkworth, Dr. Carl Jung, Professor William James, Frank Buchman, and Sam Shoemaker. But it’s just produced a nodding acquaintance. The details have been as scarce as the Wizard of Oz.

The real roots of A.A. are in: (1) the Bible; (2) A.A.’s predecessor organizations like the Salvation Army, Rescue missions, Christian Endeavor, the YMCA, the great evangelists, and Congregationalism--which are plainly unknown to those who believe A.A.’s concerns for telling still suffering newcomers what the Lord could do for them are vital to Christian recovery; (3) the Christian upbringing of Bill W. and Dr. Bob in Vermont; (4) the astonishing story of how the first three got sober, were cured, said so, and openly attributed their success to their Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ; (5) the original Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship program which is no way resembles Bill’s “new version;” of the Twelve Steps; and (6) the extent to which A.A.’s own conference-approved literature today can be used as a foundation for carrying the details just mentioned and making the biblical roots of the Twelve Steps better known and an integral part of A.A. history.

Our Forthcoming Video Series Will Provide Facts and Photos; Details and Not Just Photos

Stay tuned because the “rest of the story” will change your perception of what A.A. did, can do, and needs to learn and remember today.

The filming of our videos is complete. The pictures of the resources are being taken right now. The editor is ready to put the picture together. And we will shortly make it available to you!

Gloria Deo

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