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What Happens When You Phone Dick B. in Maui at 808 874 4876

What Happens When You Phone Us in Maui at 808 874 4876!
Dick B.
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What happens when you contact Dick B. by phone (808 874 4876) in Maui?
People seldom call to buy books because our books are either ebooks or print-on-demand; and you can easily order them on our website, or, or Barnes & Noble, or from just about any book dealer, distributor, or store.
So who does call? We invite any and all courteous calls and are delighted to receive them. One type of call comes from a spouse, a family member, a grandfather, an aunt, or a child. The question usually is: My daughter is drinking herself to death. My son is losing his family because of drugs. My husband is in prison for drug related charges. And on and on. What can I do to help her or him? There is an answer, and we won’t discuss it in this article; but we welcome such calls.
The second and much more common call comes, these days, from someone who has seen my website, heard our radio show, read one of my books, or heard of our years of work on A.A. history. Thankfully, most of these calls come from men or women in some area, who have long-term sobriety, who believe in God, who are frustrated about the absence of God in most meetings, and either thank us for our work or want to participate in bringing our Creator, our Bible, our Big Book, our origins and history, and the original AA program back to life today.
What do we say to the latter people?
We listen to hear the difficulties they are having when they hear statements against God or Christ or the Bible. We listen to hear their frustration at being rebuked for sharing their experience with the Creator and His Word. We listen when they applaud our work in bringing old school back to life. We listen to their often long-held experiences in the fellowship itself.
What’s unusual about such calls?
That so many people with eighteen to forty years of sobriety are still going to A.A., want to tell about the real A.A., don’t know where to start, and want to know others in the International Christian Recovery Coalition who are like-minded believers, leaders in recovery, active in 12-Step programs and sponsorship, and wish some contacts and some guidance about organizing.
What do we tell them? How about finding out? About phoning us in Maui? Telling us about yourself, describing what you do in A.A., with the Bible, with your family, with your job, with your church, and with your friends?
Please do!  God Bless, Dick B.,, PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

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