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A.A. History Pot Holes Our New 6 Videos and Guidebook Will Fill for you with Facts

A.A. History Articles to Come from 6 Video/Guidebook Release
“Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story”
Dick B.
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What Our Forthcoming A.A. History Videos and Guidebook Will Reveal to You

Shortly, my son Ken and I will be publishing our 6 Videos and Accompanying Guidebook on A.A. History and he missing historical patches involving where A.A. came from, what its cofounders believed, and how the recovery successes of many organizations of and after the 1850’s highlighted help from God and helping others as the keys to 12 Step recovery techniques from 1935  forward.
Most recovery leaders, most AAs, most academics, and most clergy simply base their evaluations of A.A.’s program on scattered patches of practices that have occurred in A.A. over  the last decades. 

They may treat A.A. as monolithic. They may—without the evidence—assume A.A. or AAs are somehow promoting not-god, any god, or no God. They may be using words like higher power, spirituality, and light bulbs and trees as substitutes for the power and love of God.

A real look at the gaping historical holes and the material that can fill them with accuracy may not only enlighten them, but may convince them that they need more facts to understand the widely diverse membership, ideas, religious and non-religious beliefs, and historical views of the drunks in A.A.

And our new A.A. history series will show you what you have been missing. It will tell you about the influence of Vermont Christian people and organizations on recovery ideas. It will tell you what those people and organizations were and what they did with great success. It will tell you the details of the Christian upbringing and Bible studies of A.A.’s cofounders. It will highlight how the first three AAs got sober relying on God and the Bible for guidance. It will show you how the 7 point program of the early Akron AA Christian Fellowship was Akron’s recovery foundation. It will describe for you the sixteen practices the Akronites used to implement the seven points. It will show you the real contributions of the Bible to the basic A.A. Step ideas. It will detail for you what AAs took from the Book of James, Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, and  1 Corinthians 13.

Our new A.A. history series will introduce you to the multiple manuscripts written by Bill Wilson before the 1939 Big Book. These manuscripts were obtained by Dick B. with permission from Stepping Stones in 1991. It will show you how much of the Twelve Step ideas actually was presented to Bill by his friend Ebby Thacher when Bill was still hospitalized. It will show you the precise contributions to Bill’s Twelve Steps made by Dr. Silkworth, Professor William James, and Reverend Sam Shoemaker.

All these resources will be presented and discussed and enable you to decide where you want to begin becoming an AA servant, speaker, sponsor, member, newcomer, and student who really know Bill Wilson’s actual specific references to God, the Creator, his Heavenly Father, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and his vital religious experience and prior new birth

In other words, when you see, hear, and read the video materials, you will also have seen, heard, and read about the historical materials you’ve been missing—the materials  that really show you the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in A.A. and recovery
Gloria Deo

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