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The Heartening News from Arizona and from Dick B.

The Heartening New “Arch Builders” A.A. History Project in Arizona

Dick B.

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I have just received a tremendous draft of  a new booklet ("Arch Builders") and am ecstatic. There is not enough space here to list all of the kudos. But here are some:


(1) This is probably the first and best piece of A.A. scholarship--pointed at helping the newcomer who still suffers--that I have seen in 27 years of sobriety.


(2) The article takes A.A. themes and many Bible citations which have too long lain dormant, and it presents them as a world-wide challenge to get with A.A. as we are coming to know it today, and will know more as time progresses.


(3) It uses the familiar "arch" theme of the Big Book to bring in the Big Book itself--which is the starting point for today's progress.


(4) It uses the article, not just to append one or two verses to the study. It builds on Dr. Bob's statement that he didn't write the 12 Steps and had nothing to do with writing them, but that the basic ideas came from the study, teaching, and effort that had gone on between 1935 and 1938.


(5) It takes on so many of the "code" ideas which are being left behind in the rubble of secularism, A.A. criticism, and badgering of members in meetings.


(6) I rejoice because several leading long-term AAs who are Christians have recognized that there is a strong Christian Movement--blowing like the mighty wind--which doesn't reject A.A., but rather builds on its strong points and origins. We see it as our International Christian Recovery Coalition grows daily ( We see it as our Christian Recovery Radio grows daily ( We see it in the hot spots in the USA and Canada where Christian recovery  leaders, workers, newcomers, and concerned public are claiming the right stemming from old school A.A. to strengthen A.A., draw on its conference-approved literature, provide freedom and comfort for those who are Christians in A.A. and want to continue to believe what they believe, read what they want to read, learn and talk about A.A. origins and history and foundations, say what they want to say, and point to those glorious days when Bob and Bill were using the Bible as their sole guide to overcoming the treacherous illness of alcoholism and addiction.


(7) A personal thank you to Paul R. and the folks in Phoenix and Tucson who are determined to help others through this work.


(8) Other hot spots we are currently appreciative of can be found in the United Kingdom, Toronto, Ontario, Maine, Vermont, Delaware, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Westminster, Foster City, Los Gatos, San Jose, Brentwood, Livermore, Oroville (all the latter in California), Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kansas, Alaska, Missouri, Illinois, Connecticut, and elsewhere.


Stay tuned. This Arch project will be a leading catalyst freeing recovery from the bondage of nonsense gods, "spirituality," and self-made religion. They will exist for those who choose to pursue them. But they will not dominate the literature, meetings, remarks, and restrictive actions so prolific today.


In His Service, Dick B.,


The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible,


Gloria Deo

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