Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dick B. on the Importance to A.A. History of Dr. Bob's Birthplace, Church, and Academy in St. Johnsbury Vermont

Faces and Voices of Recovery some time ago featured an interview of Author and A.A. Historian Dick B. when he and his son were in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. They were interviewed in the boyhood home and birthplace of A.A. cofounder Dr. Bob Smith on Summer Street in St. Johnsbury.

The author Dick B. visited Dr. Bob's boyhood home, his family church--North Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury, the Athenaeum Library where Dr. Bob studied, the St. Johnsbury Academy and its library where Dr. Bob matriculated. And he proposed to Dr. Bob's Birthplace people a vigorous plan for making this community and its A.A. treasures better known and visited by AAs and others in the recovery community.

A.A.'s St. Johnsbury, Vermont is an historical treasure of A.A., Dick B. said:

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