Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oahu treatment announcement marks drift from AA and God

One of our readers sent the following message which marked that  person's distress over the radical, restrictive, anti-religious drift of a major treatment facility where the opportunity to help those who "graduated" had been successful and widely looked  upon with favor:

Weds Sept  26   H M [full names deleted to respect anonymity] called a meeting of all the recovery groups doing meetings in  the treatment facility. The meeting was called for mostly economic , staff reductions, and to control paraphernalia getting into the facility via open meetings, and family meetings.   According to B M of Adult Clinical Services, who was the primary spokes person, all open meetings were now going to be reconfiguered to closed meetings.  This information was not so much the point of this email, but the comments B had about the overall change in treatment methods and client participation was changing because treatment could no longer mandate clients . B said that 12 steps and treatment are now two different venues , unlike the past.  He said to even use the word”sponsor” was a liability issue.  Mary ? one of the staff said that the clients are now prescreened to meetings which they may participate in, so when 12 step meetings are in the facility, no client will be there by compulsion, or against their religious beliefs.


B said the recovery of their clients is based on what happens after they leave treatment. Mr M on behalf of H M applauded all the groups and help from recovery groups to provide an atmosphere for addict/alcoholics facing the world and its challenges.


My thoughts were what happens to the next generation, when 12 step or other recovery methods are no longer an enforceable program , because like our government, right and wrong , and roots of moral fiber are no longer a concern, and that is the  slow progression of  our country.    Whats next for recovery is not look good. Like B said at the beginning of the meeting , “ Its all about Higher Power” and we can’t talk about God anymore."

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