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Orange County "Stick With The Winners" May 14-21, Orange County, CA

“Stick With the Winners”

A Week of Meetings, Classes, Workshops, and Conference

Hosted by

International Christian Recovery Coalition

Dick B., Executive Director, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Preliminary Plans & Itinerary from Sunday, May 13, to Monday, May 21, 2012

·         Monday through Thursday, Dick B. and Ken B. will be in Orange County, California for meetings, classes, and workshops with Christian recovery leaders and workers from Connecticut, New York, Florida, Utah, Texas, and California (Escondido, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Orange, West Covina, Westminster, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and San Juan Capistrano)

¨      Private Home, Monday-Thursday; Marriott Costa Mesa Hotel, Friday-Monday.

¨      For meetings, classes, and workshops Monday-Friday morning: Please contact Ken B. at 808 276 4945, or Dick B. at We will be glad to

meet with you either at your location or ours for one or more hours, or schedule a “Stick With The Winners” Class for training the trainers on how to combine conference-approved literature, old school Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship principles and practices, and historical First Century Christianity as detailed in the Book of Acts, with present-day 12 Step and other recovery programs.

¨      Our experience since the May, 2009 Conference at Mariner’s Church in Irvine, has produced the following situations and conclusions: (1) There are now a large number of participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition. (2) There are a substantial number of Christian Recovery Coalition Centers. (3) Christian recovery programs, counseling training, interventions, fellowships, and community outreach are being conducted by participants in many states and outside the United States. (4) Knowledgeable leaders and speakers are now widely available for building, conducting, and expanding the Christian Recovery Movement in their areas. (5) This year the time has come to train the trainers in how to conduct old school Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship recovery programs and have in hand the books, pamphlets, papers, films, audios, and web contacts to make this possible. (6) There is a Speakers Bureau.

¨      Friday evening and Saturday, there will be a workshop conference at His Place Church, Westminster, Orange County, California. The widest possible networking, interacting, and exchange of ideas by participants will be sought.

¨       Friday evening, Christian leaders and workers are encouraged to hear suggestions and resources for conducting classes or meetings as detailed in Stick With The Winners: How to Conduct More Effective Twelve-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved literature. We just presented the book and plans at the Good Book-Big Book Meeting at Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Livermore and at New Life Hope Meeting at Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood; to a CityTeam trainer in Oakland; and to several new Christian leaders individually who want to start groups, fellowships, and programs. And we (1) Covered plans and resources for old school 12 Step recovery meetings today; (2) Heard questions and answers from participants; and (3) Allowed participants an opportunity to tell what they are doing, would like to do, and will need to conduct such training meetings. The Friday evening workshop is to show in detail how old school A.A. meetings were conducted; how conference-approved literature has a direct relevance to holding such meetings today; and how the historical approach can enable more effective Christian recovery programs and efforts today.

¨      The Saturday Conference will be very similar. However, one or two out-of-state speakers will be featured. Also, Dick B. and Ken B. will explain the training program. One or two Southern California leaders will explain what they are doing. The balance of the time will—depending upon the size of the attendance—either be conducted in round-table fashion, or by a panel with askit-baskit questions and discussion.

§  Please plan on attending the Friday and Saturday events and providing your input.. Please also feel free to work out independent meetings with Ken and myself throughout the week. And see if you can get together an individual, a group, a fellowship, or a church which wants to learn how to bring First Century Christianity to the recovery table—on a community wide, collaborative basis (with 12 Step meetings, old school meetings, Bible study meetings, prayer meetings, 11th Step meetings, church services, and Christian Recovery Fellowship groups). There is no one-size-fits-all. And each participant need only arrange his own plan and also learn how he or she can collaborate with other groups to bring the daily recovery principles and practices to the fore for those who believe in God, are Christians, or want to learn the role that God, His Son, and the Bible have successfully played in the entire Christian Recovery movement from the 1850’s to present.

§  Details on addresses, locations, times, directions, and the programs will be coming your way via every process possible: newsletters, blogs, facebook, twitter, forums, websites, emails, and phones. We welcome your contact with us prior to the May events: 808 276 4945

Gloria Deo

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