Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ChristianRecoveryRadio.com On the Move!

www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com is a major project launched in 2012 to produce and make available in a variety of ways - video, radio, audio, blog, and text the ongoing dissemination of facts about Alcoholics Anonymous History and the Christian Recovery Movement.

The website is up and running. It already has posted access to the Dick B. Radio show from Take12.com in Oregon and two separate audio series presentations Dick B. has previously given.
The third is a sample of the A.A. History series produced on video quite recently. It is listed under "New" and on a separate page, Soon the other videos in this series will be posted for free viewing pleasure.

Lastly, we have just about completed the important Video Series, consisting of about 25 videos of Dick B. and Ken B., titled "Stick with the Winners!" It complements our "Stick with the Winners!" Guide book and will be used in meetings, classes, seminars, posts, and conferences as the work on establishing Old School A.A. Meetings progresses. So stand by when www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com  is further enhanced and embellished with the new "Stick with the Winners!" videos which are almost complete

For  questions and comments, contact dickb@dickb.com or 808 874 4876

Our tracker shows that many are already visiting www.ChristianRadioRecovery.com!

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