Tuesday, November 22, 2011

God is not a "chair." Not in A.A. Not anywhere!

God is not a “chair.” Not in A.A. Not anywhere!

Dear Dave: Thanks so much for your important points and letter.

Yes. There certainly is an organization that is seeking to do something

about the drift away from God. The organization is International Christian

Recovery Coalition. And participating free in the Coalition is the first step to helping still further. I am having

my son Ken forward that information to you right away.

Please look at the mission statement on www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com

If this is acceptable, please---at no cost to you---send me your listing which

can read something like this:

            “David C. Eanes, Recovered Christian believer, mail address, city, state, zip, phone, dceanes@gmail.com

You should know that the Coalition is a growing world-wide fellowship of Christian participants who are

“Bible Friendly, A.A. Friendly, History Friendly, and Recovery Friendly.”

Growing in participants every day. You can see the names on the website www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com.

There is a strong movement of Christians IN A.A., 12 Step Fellowships, and treatment work who disdain the idolatry,

appreciate and serve in A.A. or recovery area, and who believe the early A.A. Christian Fellowship program and ideas

can be applied IN A.A. today. We have just completed almost 30 meetings in California, Maui, and

Oahu reporting the history and the progress of the movement. Like you, we see no point in fleeing A.A. just because

the Adversary is---as he always is---lurking in the fellowship to blind people to the power of God. 1 Peter 5:8!

Thanks again for calling, and don’t hesitate to phone.

Dick B.

Author, 42 titles & over 650 articles on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement

(808) 874-4876

PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Ps 118:17 (NJB):
I shall not die, I shall live to recount the great deeds of Yahweh.

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From: Dave
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:31 AM
To: dickb@dickb.com
Subject: An Early A.A. Suggestion: May You Find God Now!

Hi Dick,

I just read your “An Early A.A. Suggestion: May You Find God Now!” on Silkworth.net and I wanted to applaud you for telling it like it is.

As a matter of fact I was in a noon meeting today and after hearing someone say that ‘Program’ tells him that it’s ok for him to call a ‘chair’ his higher power, I just couldn’t resist commenting.  I’ve heard this kind of thing over and over in meetings and I just couldn’t take any more.

I responded firmly but respectfully: “Nowhere in the Big Book does it say that a ‘chair’, ‘Good Orderly Direction’ or even ‘The Group’ can be a substitute for God.  That philosophy is one that’s evolved in the fellowship over the years and IMHO it’s not what Bill W. meant when he writes of the ‘God of Your Understanding’.  Of course there was rebuttal.  Fortunately I didn’t get nailed to the cross.

I read recently that the success rate of newcomers staying clean and sober in A.A. has dropped to an all-time low of 5%.  That amazes me, or more accurately it appalls me.  Quite a far cry from the 75% that’s mentioned in the Big Book.  If the 5% is accurate, then what’s the point.

I firmly believe that the decline of the Program is a direct result of the Fellowship getting away from the roots of the program.  And GOD is at the very center of those roots.

I’m a Born Again Christian and my Savior died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins.  Jesus Christ is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life”, “no one comes to the Father but through him”.  This belief is at the very core of my being and the answer to recovery for me.  I struggle not to share that in meetings.  Yet, I contain myself and don’t.

But when we take GOD (i.e. The Father, The Creator of Heaven and Earth) out of the program we have completely lost our way.  We have stepped so far away from what Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the first 100 intended that we’re in danger of becoming completely ineffective.

It seems to me that it’s way past time that we do something about this.  There must be a significant number of folks in the Program that believe and agree with what you’ve said in your article.  I’m wondering if there’s any group that is trying to work within A.A. (the key word being within) to change this trend and move back towards what the Program was intended to be.  If so, I’d like to take an active part in it.



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