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A Dialogue with an AA Who Likes A.A. History, But Fears Christian Viewpoints in A.A.

A Dialogue with an AA Who Likes A.A. History, But Fears Christian Viewpoints in A.A.

Dick B.

Dear Paul P.

Thank you for writing. A.A. is not a Christian Fellowship today. It

cannot be a Christian Fellowship today. And it will not be a Christian

Fellowship in the future. In fact, I cannot think of a quasi religious

program that is more diverse and varied than A.A. You might consider the

difference between Bill's "broad highway" and Dr. Bob's Twelfth-stepping

Christian techniques in Akron. They did not quarrel or split. I believe you confuse my 42 volume, 700 article reports on our roots--biblical, new thought, Oxford Group, Jungian, Jamesian, Roman Catholic, secular, agnostic, atheist, humanist, and unbelieving with my devoted attention to letting Christians who are in recovery be free from intimidation and ignorance coming from those who do not recognize the difference between diversity and tolerance. I hold with what may be the best of A.A. today:

(1) A focus on helping the newcomer who still suffers. (2) Love and service

as the essence of the Steps, and (3) love and tolerance as a code for members. There is plenty of room for Christians in A.A. today.

And there is more than enough room for those who are in therapy, hospitals, detox, rehabs, recovery, in treatment, in churches, in synagogues, in Ashrams, in Indian Sweat tents, in Buddhist shrines, and humanist organizations to help others recover from alcoholism by learning what A.A. was, is, and should continue to be.

Former General Manager, Chairman of the Trustees, and "senior advisor" Bob P. hit the nail on the head when, on his retirement, he said his biggest concern is the rigidity the fellowship has developed--trying to control others, telling them what they can do and read, and barring them from writing about what they believe. Thanks for expressing your view and interest in our history. It is this latter point in your message that propels me to take the time to answer your courteous letter.

Should you wish to support and further the historical quest, let me know.

Dick B.

Author, 42 titles & over 700 articles on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement

Exec. Dir., International Christian Recovery Coalition

Christian Recovery Resource Centers - Worldwide

(808) 874-4876

PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Ps 118:17 (NJB):

I shall not die, I shall live to recount the great deeds of Yahweh.

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-----Original Message-----
From: Paul P
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 1:22 PM
Subject: Your AA history blog

  I have read some of your blogs with interest. You are certainly

correct the history is not discussed anymore, at least not within the

meetings I attended. My recent attempt to bring some history to my home

group has been met with apathy and poor attendance during our book

studies of Pass It On, Dr Bob and the Good Old Timers, and AA comes of age.

I am a little, and i think this is the only word I can use, disturbed by

what appears to be an attempt, desire or wish on your part to make AA a

christian organization once more.

Many of us have sought out groups that are specifically not within a

church or religious setting as we do not believe in the idea of Jesus

been our savior.

The program works because of a God of OUR understanding. Not mine not

yours nor the particular group chairman's but yet as an all inclusive

God that we can all believe in.

I look forward to reading more of your blog and my own personal history

search into the roots of AA.

Paul P

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