Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Revival of the First Edition of the A.A. Big Book Planned

A revival of the importance of the First Edition of the A.A. Big Book is in progress, and a conference is planned to inform you of resources.

There are three important historical contributions to A.A. history that need to be examined, discussed, and--where appropriate--utilized.

The first is the "Holy Grail" manuscript that Ken R. acquired for a little less than one million dollars and turned over to Hazelden which recently published this working "Printer's Manuscript." Lots of hype about it, and not much understanding of its real importance. A.A. and A.A. members will soon have that opportunity.

The second is the forthcoming reprint of the First Edition, in an affordable form - with lengthy introduction by Dick B. which will point up the importance of the long-abandoned personal stories and also the major changes in the program that occurred after the First Edition. A.A. and A.A. members will soon have the opportunity to learn and discuss and utilize.

The third is a work in progress by a talented, experienced A.A. old-timer who will present and publish a Sponsor's Guide to the First Edition - a further resource for learning and utilizing the historical, biblical, and experience roots of early A.A. today.

Finally, we hope soon to have a conference of speakers and others in Orange County, California where there can be brainstorming, thoughtful discussion, and effective planning about how these new A.A. resources can be used to help the alcoholic who still suffers. Today

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