Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alcoholics Anonymous History - Free cases of books till 3/31

There has never been an opportunity like this, and the offer ends March 31, 2011 when we expect all our cases on hand to have been distributed. After that, it's order individual titles through us or through or Barnes and Noble or a bookstore at retail price per book.

The point is that Dick B. is the leading A.A. historian today. He has published 42 titles, over 500 articles, done radio shows, and spoken all over the United States before AAs, churches, conferences, seminars, the Wilson House (where Bill W. was born), Akron where it all started at Dr. Bob's Home in 1935, and in St. Johnsbury, Vermont where Dr. Bob was born and raised.

For 20 years, Dick has been reporting what he has unearthed, studied, and analyzed about all aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous History. That's about 2 books per year. And they cover the waterfront--endless aspects of A.A. history that have never been researched or reported or adequately discussed.

The subjects have included Dr. Bob's Library, Anne Smith's Journal, the Bible, Quiet Time, devotionals, the Oxford Group, Rev. Sam Shoemaker, William James, Carl G. Jung, Dr. William D. Silkworth, the conversion of Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob's upbringing in Vermont, early A.A. belief in God and acceptance of Jesus Christ, the books early AAs read, and much much more.

This rare opportunity for free cases of books will expire on March 31 when all of the available 350 cases will have been distributed.

For the last two and a half months, many have ordered 30 cases of books, 29 cases of books, five cases, four cases, two cases, and individual cases. There is only one title per case, and the number of titles availalabe is limited to the original 350 we had on hand. And going fast. You only need pay $30.00 per case to receive each case media mail. Some cases have 70 books. Some around 40. One with 12. One with 14. And all new.

The inventory of these books is available on Or you can call Ken B. or email to find out what books are still available for the free offer, and you can order from Ken B. at 808 276 4945, or through, or use paypayl on our main website

Call if you need information. Call if you want to know which cases are still available. Call if you wish to order one or more cases--which are free--for the cost of $30.00 per case media mail.

You can distribute the books to your sponsor and sponsees, your study group, your James Club, your church, your Christian recovery fellowship, your treatment center and alumni groups, your counselor, your sober living, to jails and prisons, to hospitals and mental wards, and to the many thirsting to know where A.A. really came from.

God Bless, Dick B.

Gloria Deo

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