Sunday, January 02, 2011

My Agenda of Service for 2011 - by Dick B.

What can a sober, recovered alcoholic who is approaching his 25th year of continuous sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous do to serve and glorify God, as well as to help others, as he also approaches his 86th birthday? First, thank God in the name of Jesus Christ for the abundant and eternal life made available to all who believe. And then,

Answer: Lots! And here's my agenda for 2011. In fact, it involves more activity in Alcoholics Anonymous, in the recovery movement, and in Christian service than ever before. And here are some of the agenda items for 2011:

1. To continue to receive and reply to all courteous inquiries that come across my bow via email, phone, U.S. mail, and the vast resource of the internet.

2. To continue to learn from these inquiries what the degree of hunger is, what the degree of understanding is, and what the degree of willingness to go to any lengths is--among those suffering from alcoholism, addiction to drugs, at-risk and self-destructive behaviors, and other life-controlling problems. And among those who are harmed by the behavior involved in such activities.

3. To continue urging more participants to join the International Christian Recovery Coalition and help stress the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in the recovery movement for dozens and dozens of years, and can play today among those who want God's help and are willing to make the effort to do what it takes to seek and receive it.

4. To continue expansion of Christian Recovery Resource Centers worldwide--this being a project of the International Christian Recovery Coalition, and being a program to enable Christian leaders and other Christians seeking recovery to find out what Christian recovery resources are available, where they are located, which options are most desirable, and whom to contact.

5. To continue writing books and articles and giving recorded talks at Christian recovery fellowships, churches, 12-Step meetings, treatment programs, counseling conventions, conferences, and groups desiring to help other alcoholics and addicts to recover with God's help.

6. To continue researching, reporting, and disseminating information about the origins, history, founding, Original program, astonishing successes, and later changes in the Akron Alcoholics Anonymous Christian Fellowship founded by Bill W. and Dr. Bob in June, 1935.

7. To continue stressing that those in counseling, treatment, fellowships, churches, groups, and centers have every right to seek God, to come to Him through Jesus Christ, to study the Bible, to pray individually and together, to seek God's guidance, and to carry the Gospel message to any and all who might wish to be delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's dear son.

8. To enjoy the sunshine, the weather, the ocean, the beauty, the scenic views, the beautiful flowers and trees, and the opportunity to swim on the Island of Maui in the State of Hawaii.

9. To wish all who read this a healthy and prosperous New Year and life, based on the promise of 3 John 2.;;

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