Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alcohol and/or Drug Addicted or Affected and God

In 1935, a tiny group of Christian men formed Alcoholics Anonymous as a way to overcome their seemingly hopeless, "medically incurable," problems with alcoholism. They kept their ideas simple. They quit for good. They submitted to God for help. They tried to live lives that accorded with His will. They grew in their understanding of God and His Son Jesus Christ through Bible study, prayer meetings, seeking revelation, and reading. And, having won the battle, they helped others by the same means.

Today, many Christians and Christian leaders and those addicted to alcohol and drugs are often hungry for a return to the simple and successful program of yesteryear.
Groups for counseling, treatment, sober living, Christian recovery fellowships, and Christ-centered groups are growing by the day and week and month. And we have seen it first hand.

Our message for today is very very simple:

If you are a Christian in A.A., N.A., a recovery fellowship, a Twelve Step fellowship, a church, or a Christ-centered recovery program, you may want very much to be in touch with two of our new, world-wide efforts to meet the needs of Christian leaders and others in recovery. If so:

Check International Christian Recovery Coalition site:

Check Christian Recovery Resource Centers - Worldwide

And contact Dick B. through for further details if you like.

That's a starting point right now. And we daily receive calls from all over the world (yesterday from Italy). They come from the addicted and those affected by alcoholism who want to know how to start. We welcome the calls. We urge that they find out more. And we try to establish Christian Recovery Resource Centers widely and just as fast as we can.

God Bless, dick B.

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