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The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Gift of the Holy Spirit
Its Importance in A.A. Documented in Key Dick B. Titles

By Dick B.
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In Dick B., The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible, 2d ed.,

In Dick B., Anne Smith’s Journal, 1933-1939: A.A.’s Principles of Success, 3rd ed., For example, Anne wrote:

What things in me make the Holy Spirit unwilling to use me? The Holy Spirit is
leader and dictator of this group. . . . The Holy Spirit is ready to dictate a perfect
plan . . . the guidance of the Holy Spirit . . . the power of the Holy Spirit, the direction
of the Holy Spirit. . . in touch with the Holy Spirit. . . . holy men spake as they
were moved by the Holy Ghost. [p. 91]

In Dick B., Turning Point: A History of Early A.A.’s Spiritual Roots and Successes,

There are several important ideas that found favor in the Oxford Group concerning
“Fellowship” and which derived from . . . Bible verses: “There was a fellowship of
believing people which was empowered by the Holy Ghost. There was a communion
with the Holy Spirit. . . . There was a corporate experience where the Holy Spirit is
found through the group-experience of like-minded believers. God had a unique presence in the Group itself both by the fellowship tie of the spirit and by the Holy Spirit’s ability to guide the group itself whose individuals received the spirit of God through their new birth.” [pp. 416-17]

See also the Subject Index, page 727, for about 50 references and groups of references.

In Dick B., Good Morning!: Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A.,

There will be a constant tendency to drop back from the full faith that God’s
Holy Spirit can guide, and to say that the Bible is enough, or prayer is
enough. [p. 64]

See also Subject Index, page 149, for about 16 references and groups of references.

In Dick B., New Light on Alcoholism: God, Sam Shoemaker, and A.A., 2d ed.,
Through the leading of the Holy Spirit in the Quiet Time, one has learned
something of the difficult art of soul-surgery. [p. 166]

See also Subject Index, page 611, for about 50 references and groups of references.

In Dick B., The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous: A Design for Living That Works, 2d ed.,

In With the Holy Spirit and With Fire, Shoemaker spoke of what Jesus Christ actually accomplished and made available to mankind by reason of his crucifixion, death, being raised victorious from the dead, and ascending to heaven. The evidence, Shoemaker said, was in Acts 1 and 2. There Jesus promised baptism with the Holy Spirit and receipt of “power from on high.” And this actually occurred on the day of Pentecost when the Apostles were assembled and waiting as Jesus had instructed.

The Christian experience of the Holy Spirit, then, holds more than awesome power and
cleansing judgment. For the grace shown forth in the Cross restores and renews the life of man through the continuing work of the Spirit. . . . as “the Comforter.” . . . “His guidance” . . . the Spirit [that would] “convict the world of sin” . . . being used to bring faith in Christ to another. [pp. 216-17];; 808 874 4876; PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753

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