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A.A. Origin Events, People, Names to Remember

The Dick B. Handbook
The Role Played by God, His Son Jesus Christ in A.A. and Recovery

Helpful Names for You to Remember

Dick B.
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Varied lenses through which A.A. and Christian Recovery can be viewed

Look at the Real Origins of A.A. and 12-Step ideas

The Seven Christian Organizations and People Preceding A.A.
The Christian Upbringing and Beliefs of A.A.’s Two Cofounders
The Early Entry of Oxford Group Influences
The Conversions of Rowland Hazard, Ebby Thacher, Bill Wilson
How the First Three AAs Got Sober
The Akron Christian Fellowship Founded in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob
The Six “Word of Mouth” Ideas and The Varied Ways Described
Hunkering down with and learning from Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr.
The Big Book Manuscripts, the Christian Materials, and the Trashing of
Biblical and Christian materials learned from churches and missions

Look at the Periods in which the ideas were framed in A.A. itself

The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous, Russell Firestone, James
Newton, Sam Shoemaker, Frank Buchman.
The Correlative Events in New York involving Rowland Hazard, Ebby
Thacher, Calvary Mission, Sam Shoemaker
The Original Akron A.A. Christian Program, Principles, and Practices
The Success Inventory in 1937-1938 by Bill W., Dr. Bob, Frank Amos
The Money-raising efforts – Rockefeller, Works Publishing, loans
The Drafting of the Big Book
The Battles over Christian content in the manuscripts
The Strange Ending—Compromising to placate atheists and agnostics

Look at the Major Influential Groups and People who set the stage

The Oxford Group Teachers: Rowland Hazard, Shepard Cornell, Ebby
Remote Controllers: The William James and Carl Jung stories
Dr. William D. Silkworth and Rev. Sam Shoemaker, Jr.
The Frank Buchman Part
The Akron Catalysts: Russell Firestone, James Newton, Rev. Walter
Tunks, Rev. Sam Shoemaker, Frank Buchman
The Akron Organizers; Henrietta Seiberling, T. Henry and Clarace
Williams, Dr. Bob, Dr. Bob’s wife Anne Ripley Smith. Bill Dotson
The Rockefeller Group Backers – Chipman, Richardson, Amos,
Emmet Fox
Sam Shoemaker, Irving Harris, Julia Harris

Remembering others deserving mention, but out of the main loop

Cebra Graves—one of the three who rescued Ebby from incarceration
Victor Kitchen—Oxford Group friend of Shoemaker and Bill W.
John Henry Fitzhugh Mayo—the Christian protagonist
Henry Parkhurst—the book sales protagonist
Jim Burwell—the atheist protagonist
Clarence Snyder—ally of Dr. Bob, founder of Cleveland A.A.
Dorothy Snyder—wife of Clarence, participant in Big Book printing

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