Saturday, May 08, 2010

Proposals for Your Purchase of Foundations Class on their Way

This is an update on our progress in completing and now being able to make available at several levels and prices the new Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery Class.

Recent Steps:

First. We have duplicated and bound the three guidebooks that are part of the class--Instructor's Guide, Students' Guide, and Third Edition of Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide. They are ready to go out with the DVD's and constitute the entire class.

Second. We have assembled components for individual, group, and other categories of purchasers. As an example,the Class Component descriptions for individual purchase are as follows:

The "pilot program" version of the IFCR class that is available for individuals for their personal/private use has two (2) components. The first component is comprised of four DVD's (or four audio files in .mp3 format) with the following content:

Class 1/Session 1: The Founding, Activities, and Summary of the Original Akron A.A. “Christian Fellowship” Program
Part 1: How the First Three A.A. Members Got Sober and Were Cured

Part 2: The 14 Practices the Early Akron Aas Used to Achieve Astonishing Successes

Part 3: The Original, Seven-Point, Akron A.A. Program Summarized by Frank Amos for John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Class 2/Session 2: Christian Organizations and People That Shaped the Recovery Ideas of the Original Akron A.A. “Christian fellowship” program before It Began

Part 1: Seven Pre-A.A. Organizations and People That Fed to A.A. the Necessity for Salvation and the Word of GOD

Part 2: The Extensive, Christian, Biblical Training Bill W. Received in East Dorset and and Manchester, Vermont

Part 3: Dr. Bob's “Excellent Training” in the Bible as a Youngster in St. Johnsbury, VT.

Class 3/Session 3: The Manner in Which the A.A. Society Came about, Beginning about 1931

Part 1: The Relevant Events in Bill W.'s Life, Including His Early Friendship with Ebby Thacher.

Part 2: The Relevant Events in Dr. Bob S.'s Life, Beginning in the Early 1930's in Akron

Part 3: Bill W. and Dr. Bob Meet at the Home of Henrietta Seiberling on May 12, 1935

Class 4/Session 4: The A.A. Program Changes Between June 1935 and April 1939

Part 1: The Akron Program Successes between June 1935 and November 1937

Part 2: The Change of Course Bill W. Began to Take

Part 3: Work on the Big Book Between the Spring of 1938 and April of 1939

Part 4: Battles over Big Book Content and Language

Part 5: The Closing Phases of the Altered Akron Program

The second component for individual purchasers is a 23-page Class Guide for Students in 8 1/2" x 11," spiral-bound, "hard copy" format, which presents many of the key points in written form which are made in the DVD's (or audio files). This Guide allows a student to read along and make notes while watching the DVD's (or listening to the audio files).

Third. We have invested in a first-class DVD duplicator which enables us to duplicate all four DVD's which comprise the class. We have hired a consultant to set it up. And we are ready to roll out sets of DVD's to accompany the class materials.

Fourth. We are now sending out specific proposals by email to each of the folks who have requested the class and/or information enabling them to purchase the class. These are tailored to the type of use intended. They are licenses to use the materials for a year, and they specify prices charged for the license.

Fifth. When we complete processing of those classes requested and purchased; answering the questions from potential licensees; and shipping those ordered, we will be making proposals to others who already want to obtain and use the class, promote its use by others, and get their own presentations going.

We are very thankful for the responses that have come in just since we announced the class is now ready. God Bless. Contact

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