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Bill Wilson Discussing Jesus Christ

Bill Wilson Discussing Jesus Christ

By Dick B.
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Wow! Wow! and Wow!

Despite all the protests that Bill Wilson never wrote of Jesus Christ, and despite those who have spurned Bill’s statement about the “Lord” and “cure” on page 191 of the Big Book, most don’t realize the truth of what we found and recorded in our recent title, The Conversion of Bill W. (

Now, thanks to a phone call with an assiduous A.A. history researcher and friend on the East Coast, our attention was called to a letter Bill wrote—dated 1940—and published in the A.A. General Service Conference-approved book, As Bill Sees It (New York, NY: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 1976). Thanks to our friend. And blessings to the readers.

No Personal Power

“At first, the remedy for my personal difficulties seemed so obvious that I could not imagine any alcoholic turning the proposition down were it properly presented to him. Believing so firmly that Christ can do anything, I had the unconscious conceit to suppose that He would do everything through me—right then and in the manner I chose. After six long months, I had to admit that not a soul had surely laid hold of the Master—not excepting myself.

“This brought me to the good healthy realization that there were plenty of situations left in the world over which I had no personal power—that if I was so ready to admit that to be the case with alcohol, so I must make the same admission with respect to much else. I would have to be still and know that He, not I, was God.”

LETTER, 1940

Gloria Deo


Stephen said...

I have a book titled, "new wine, the Spiritual Roots of AA"..and in that book since I can't find it at this moment, Bill is quoted as saying something 'like', "I did have one problem, I couldn't come to the full acceptance that Jesus is God, but only could become 99 percent sure of it". If you'd like, I'll hunt the book down (I just moved and it would take little effort to find it if you'd like the exact quote).

Stephen said...