Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Christian Recovery Ideas, Programs, and Successes

This is an account of what we have seen over the period of the last two years of travel, meetings, conferences, and communications.

It all began in Southern California. At a huge Mariners Church Community Center meeting in Irvine, Christian leaders and Christians in recovery gathered from across the United States and Canada to share with each other the difficulties Christians were having in Twelve Step Fellowships due to restrictions, bans, intimidation, and intrusive efforts to squelch the "old school" A.A. by citing present-day edicts which had no authority.

These gave rise to our work in San Dimas, North Hollywood, Glendora, Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Diego, Lakeside, San Juan Capistrano, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Oakland, and Livermore where we took a new look at how Christians in the recovery arena could find out that they are not alone, that they are pursuing goals which are consistent with love and service to God and His Son and understanding both better through the Bible. We showed how they can do this today. And it matters not whether it is done in an AA or 12 Step Fellowship, a prison, a homeless shelter, a hospital, a rehab, a treatment program, a sober living house, or a church.

As the meetings grew, so did the support and enthusiasm. We went to sober living houses, to A.A. meetings, to Christian recovery meetings, to James Club meetings, to A.A. history meetings, to church-sponsored recovery fellowships, to treatment programs, to Christian counselors groups. I was asked to write a chapter for a scholarly psychological 3 volume set about to be released, and it dealt with these subjects. We were later to meet at a bonfire, a Bible study meeting, and the Calvary Ranch facility. We met with the President of CityTeam Ministry.

Then we were invited to numerous functions on Oahu. We spoke to VA personnel and patients at Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu. We conducted a three day class for a Men's Step Group near North Shore. We spoke to the third oldest A.A. meeting on Oahu. We spoke to an N.A. meeting. We spoke to a treatment center alumni group. We spoke to a church recovery group. We even taped a discussion for Brazilian TV.

Finally, we decided we needed a DVD class with guidebooks and a resource guide. And that is about to be launched and be made available around the globe in a day or so.

What's it add up to? It means the Christian leaders and counselors and facilitators; Clergy, pastors, and recovery pastors; individuals in 12 Step fellowships and in church groups; groups of AAs and NAs can now begin to meet and grow. Some call themselves James Clubs. Some A.A. Bible Study Groups. Some A.A. History Studies. Some Christian Bible study groups. Some recovery fellowships. Some conduct retreats and conferences. And on and on.

And one central factor is present. God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible are returning to their former roles in the recovery scene. It's nothing new. It was happening with evangelists, revivals, rescue missions, the YMCA, Christian Endeavor, the Salvation Army, and later in a limited way in the Oxford Group. And the power of God was put to work in helping drunks, addicts, and those with life-controlling problems. The power was the power of God and it was effective. Documented as effective!

The scene: A meeting. A secretary. A format for stating the meeting purpose, acquaintance with newcomers, reading from the Bible and/or the Big Book, reading and comparing the Steps with Scripture. Music. A speaker. Sometimes a testimonial. And group discussion. Opening and closing with prayer. Almost all were part and parcel of early A.A. in Akron.

You'll hear more about the formula and have a guide as you choose to procure and use and study our new Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery Class with four DVD's, a leader's guide, a student guide, and the new Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010.

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