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Dear Christopher: Thank you for writing; and I won’t attempt to capsulize 28 years of research and evidence because many have been following my books, articles, blogs, and the like for years . But what became clear to me at three years of sobriety was that A.A. had come from the Bible as Dr. Bob said in his last major talk. Originally, it was a Christian Fellowship. But the naysayers have chipped away at  the facts trying to replace God with light bulbs and higher powers, invented a new religion called “spirituality, but not religion,” and vociferously shouted down those in meetings who voice the words God, Jesus Christ, Bible, etc. and now foster atheism and agnosticism as part of the show


In May, 2009, in Irvine, a convocation of Christian recovery pastors, Christian recovery leaders, sponsors, speakers, authors and others gathered and confirmed that A.A. history has distorted the deep religious beliefs and training of Bill and Bob in Vermont, the culmination of their drinking with a renunciation of liquor, a reliance on God to pull them out, adherence to God’s rules, and a determined wish to help others get out in the same way.


After 46 books, 1700 articles, blogs, conferences, and more,  we began to see that the facts are being buried. AA is no longer a Christian fellowship and won’t be. But the determined obliteration of reliance on God has changed the steps, the beliefs, the fellowship, the love and service, and tolerance that enabled AA to grow and be of great value.


I have followed your work for  years and am now pointing out to thousands that beginners need to be told about old school A.A., make up their own mind about the power and love of God, and have a real look at what A.A. can still be if its members learn about their heritage and apply the relevant parts today and end divisions and destructive  trends.


Give me a ring any time, and thanks for your interest and reply.


God bless,


Richard G. Burns, J.D., CDAAC

Author and A.A. historian, retired attorney, Bible student (pen name “Dick B.”)

46 published titles & over 1,450 articles on A.A. history and the Christian Recovery Movement

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Ps 118:17 (NJB):
I shall not die, I shall live to recount the great deeds of Yahweh.


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I am in the dark about what the email you sent me is all about. Can you tell me exactly what is going on?


Christopher W *name removed) 



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As you know, Ken and I have been putting together “the rest of the story” of recovery—the multiple parts that have been removed, altered, distorted, ignored, and often misrepresented by those who didn’t search for, stick to. or like the evidence that has taken us to many people, places, conferences, archives, and collections. This brief portion introduces you to the plan to make sure beginners get the facts and use them. Call if you have  questions. I would appreciate any donation you can make to insure completion of the entire plan. God Bless, Dick; 808 874 4876



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