Saturday, February 22, 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Addresses, Leads, and Speakers

Many a miserable newcomer shies away from the Big Book, the Steps, God, the Bible, and Working with others. Why?
Perhaps fear. Perhaps poor examples. Perhaps lack of good instruction. Perhaps pride. Perhaps old resentments. Perhaps lack of knowledge of simple messages like the one from Ebby to Bill:

God has done for me what I could not do for myself.

The abc's provide a basic guide: (a) I couldn't. (b) They couldn't. (c) I shall let God and seek Him now! He can and will if our relationship with Him is right.

When you are given the opportunity to speak at a meeting, a group, or a conference, why not make certain you are talking about the Big Book, the Steps, how you established your relationship with God, what God has done for you, and how you learned to pass this message along successfully.

War stories are entertaining. However, alcoholics may be sick, but they are not stupid. They can understand very quickly a message that says you were down and out; you turned to God for help, you decided to learn more, and then to help others.


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