Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plan Now for the Maine Menu September 6-7: First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference

September is always a busy month. But the beginning of September is the time for you to plan to join us at The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland, Maine on September 6-7, 2013--and even before and after those dates for special events and meetings in Maine..


Folks from all over who want to apply A.A.'s effective historical techniques today!

A full two conference days; and a week to meet with Dick B. and Ken B. and learn how to:

(1) Start an AA History-Bible Study Group that is a Fellowship, shows  you the roots of A.A., and tells you how and why to seek and apply God's help in recovery today.

(2) Five major talks on: (a) The new era of A.A. History and how reccovery successes really began to be molded and pointed at the suffering drunk in New England--particularly Vermont. (b) How to look at A.A.'s historical roots as a tool to enhance and apply in recovery today the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played and can play in the recovery arena and programs today. (c) What Sponsors need to add to their spiritual tool kits. (d) How more personal and direct information to and focus on the newcomer can be restored and enabled to produce more recoveries today. (e) How the alarming impairment of physicians, nurses, dentists, technicians, pharmacists, clergy, and treatment leaders can be prevented, corrected, and bring hope and effectiveness back to the treatment scenes.

(3) Special talks on Friday by leaders on talks of special interest and successes in such fields as: (a) Quiet Time. (b) Techniques of Quiet Time. (c) The real roots of A.A. in Vermont. (d) The Christian upbringing of A.A.'s cofounders Bil W. and Dr. Bob. (e) Programs for impaired professionals. (f) Overcoming restrictions and censorship of program activity by using Conference-approved literature for openers. (g) How groups are already dealing effectively with rigidity at "governing" levels in 12 Step Fellowships. (h) How groups are starting, forming, and conducting Christian recovery fellowships and groups today. (i) What International Christian Recovery  Coalition offers, at no cost, to enhance information about the role played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible. (k) The effectiveness of spiritual retreats for AAs, families, and newcomers today. (l) How the Steps and Big Book can be presented in terms of the Traditions and A.A. facts. (m) The role that Christian Recovery Radio and its interviews are playing today. (n) More - to be suggested by you.

(4) Special groups conducted by leaders on the foregoing talks and embodying participation by those attending.

(5) An introductory roundtable of leaders who share their work, their plans, their needs, their visions, and what they bring to the Conference.

(6) Meetings of individuals and small groups throughout the week with Dick B. and Ken B. in their hotel, restaurants, lobbies, rooms, and where otherwise convenient. Just contact us in advance of the Conference at 808 276 4945.

(7) As more and more attendees register and make their schedules, needs, and desires known, the conference plans are flexible and designed to produce networking, sharing of friendships, and development of new avenues of outreach.

(8) Just since July, 2009, the conferences, serminars, interviews, meetings, fellowships, participants, and networking have grown from Irvine, California to all 50 states and several other countries. There is a Christian Recovery Movement on the march; and it provides a badly needed restoration of the role of Divine Aid today. You can become one of the movers and leaders and commentators.

Dick B.

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