Saturday, August 20, 2011

Choices in A.A. for Newcomers, Students, and Sponsors in the Fellowship

There are some choices in A.A. today for newcomers, students of recovery and of the program, and sponsors. Those actually in the fellowship. And wanting to learn.

They can listen to or read about the philosophy and history writers and professors and anti-A.A. Christian critics and learn about not-god-ness, Buchmanism, Father Dowling, the non-existent "six steps," Swedenborg, Freemasonry, Spiritualism, "spirituality," scattered Bible verses, the dangers of A.A., the adultery and mental disorders of Bill W., the depressions of Bill W., the LSD and Niacian forays of Bill W., higher powers, light bulbs, radiators, and chairs, as well as other nonsense gods, OR

They can do the best they can to find out what A.A. was, what A.A. is, and what A.A. might become if all the present diversions become the recovery talk of the day continue to gain audiences.

There are still resources to do the latter. You can learn about them at the two forthcoming Summits in California in September. Or in Dick B.'s books and articles. Or in some diligent study of our history now being undertaken and reported by many participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition

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