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A.A. History: Dozens of the Dick B. Talks Now Online

Audio Files Free for Your Listening Pleasure
A.A.’s Leading “Unofficial” Historian Offers You These
A.A. History Details Online


This is a listing of a truly remarkable series of recorded talks by Dick B. on the many subjects of his twenty years of research, 40 published titles, and almost 500 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and on the role played in the Christian Recovery Movement, including A.A., by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible; and the role that they can play today.

All these talks can be heard by clicking in to the Dick B. audio talk listing on the navigation bar of Dick's main website

This is a synopsis of the huge and varied number of talks on A.A. and its Christian origins that you can now hear from the voice of the recovered AA who researched and published on each of the following topics:

Group One (4 parts)

The Dick B. Story
The Heart of A.A.
A New Way Out - Part One
A New Way Out - Part Two

Group Two (4 parts)

Dick reviews the entire content
of his book on Bill Wilson --
“The Conversion of Bill W.”

Group Three (5 parts)

Here Dick reviews the seldom discussed,
little known facts about the real Bill
Wilson story. The title of this series:
“How Bill W.’s Story Really Begins”

Group Four (5 parts)

Few know the details about the Christian
upbringing, boyhood and parental influence,
and excellent training in the Bible that
Dr. Bob received as a youngster in Vermont.
These revealing details show where early A.A.
really obtained the ideas for its Original
Christian Fellowship program founded in Akron
in 1935. The title of this series:
“Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous”

Group Five (5 parts in this first segment)

This is a truly remarkable over-view of the
ingredients of A.A. history by the recovered
AA and historian who knows the facts best.
This title of this series:
"The A.A. History Online Audio Talks by Dick B.
Parts 1-5"

1. "Using and Applying Our Original Program
and Roots Today to Serve Our Primary Purpose"

2. "Getting to Know Dr. Bob of Alcoholics

3. "What We Can Learn and Verify from A.A.'s
Own Literature, from Original Documents, and
from Other Important Roots"

4. "Nobody Invented A.A." (from Bill W.'s
famous explanation of A.A.'s ancient and
varied sources)

5. "Train Up A Child in the Way He Should
Go. . . Proverbs 22:6. Dr. Bob His Family,
and His Congregational Church"

Group Six (7 Parts in the Second Segment)

"The A.A. History Online Audio Talks by Dick B.
Parts 6-10"

1. "Was A.A. a Unique Treasure"

2. "A.A. Origins and History The YMCA"

3. "A.A.'s Salvation Army Factor"

4. "An Opportunity for Christian Treatment

5. "The Power of God in Earliest A.A.--How
the First Three AAs Got Sober"

6. "Where Did A.A. Come From"

7. "Introduction to Dick B.'s Talks"

Group Seven

Dick B. Talks on the Recovery Broadcasting website
[From the Archives]

1. 5 Talks on The Wilson House

2. 7 Talks on the Oxford Group

3. 4 Talks on Rev. Sam Shoemaker,
"Cofounder of A.A."

4. 2 Talks on Meditation, Prayer,
and Quiet Time.

5. 5 Talks on Alcoholism, A.A.,
and Cures.

6. The Bible and A.A.

7. A.A. Successes

8. "The James Club and the
Original A.A. Program's
Absolute Essentials", 4th

9. Studying A.A. History

Group 8 (75 Talks)

Dick B.’s Personal A.A. History Blog Site Audio Talks

Group 9

Dick B.’s Ongoing Talks at Recent California Conferences
(Livermore 1 & 2, Huntington Beach 1 & 2, Covina, Oroville, Escondido, Carlsbad)
Parts 1-5

Group 10

Recent California Talks
Parts 6-8

Group 11

Miscellaneous Talks
[A New Way Out 1 & 2]

Group 12
Dick B. on Radio

Group 14
New Dick B. Talks from November, 2010 Forward

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