Saturday, October 23, 2010

For the latest Dick B. Articles on A.A. history & roots

There are several ongoing, topical locations you can go to in order to keep updated and informed on the latest Dick B. research, talks, and articles on the biblical roots, Christian origins, and history of A.A.

The first, of course, is this blogsite

The second, today, is more than 100 articles by Dick B.

The third is the Search Warp material

Then there are the social network forums

Cybersocialrecovery forum
Christian social ministries forum
Recovery Internet Fellowship
aa sober living forum.

In addition, numerous earlier Dick B. articles are available on; mental health matters;;; and

Pacific Hills Treatment Centers is beginning to run Dick's articles, as is I Love A.A. Also aabibliography.

There are now more than 475 articles by Dick B. available for your viewing on the internet sites mentioned above--free.

And there are more and more Dick B. audio talks being posted.

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