Friday, August 06, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous & Earlier Christian Influences: The Dick B. Seminars and Conferences in California September-October

Dick B. and his son Ken B. will be in California during the period from September 11 through October 2, 2010 meeting with Christian and recovery leaders; speaking at recovery centers and programs; and addressing a number of groups that have organized and are conducting Alcoholics Anonymous, 12-Step, and/or Christ-centered fellowships.

Following is the schedule as of August 6, 2010 with adjustments possible depending on needs and availability of host locations:

Note: On all occasions, Dick B. will be accompanied by his son Ken B. who will be introducing Dick, making arrangements, and speaking as well. Open times mean that Dick and Ken will, on appointment, either be speaking for or meeting with International Christian Recovery Coalition leaders and concerned people in the Los Angeles or Orange County or San Diego areas. Updated information and exact times and places of meetings will be posted within the next week when all engagements and transportation are confirmed. Contributions to Dick B. for the support of trip expenses can be made through the paypal donate button on our main website Questions and requests for meetings or talks are welcome and should be sent to in the next month.

Orange County and Los Angeles Area - Monday, September 13 through 18th:

-- Saturday September 11 Flying from Maui to LAX
-- Sunday September 12 - open and probably at Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel

-- Monday September 13 - Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel - Meetings with leaders
-- Tuesday September 14 - Orange County - Dinner Meeting with International Christian
Recovery leader and/or conference at The James Clubs Fellowships hosted by Neighborhood
Christian Fellowship Church of West Covina
-- Wednesday September 15 - open
-- Thursday September 16 - open
-- Friday September 17 - Dick B. speaking at Lifelines, The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa
-- Saturday September 18 - open
-- Sunday September 19 - open
-- Monday September 20 - Meeting with staff of Pacific Hills Treatment Ctr, San Juan Capistrano

San Diego Area - Tuesday September 21 through Friday September 24

-- Tuesday September 21 - open
-- Wednesday September 22 - open
-- Thursday September 23 - open
-- Friday September 24 Dick B. speaking at Neighborhood Church, Escondido
-- Saturday September 25 - open or flying to San Jose
-- Sunday September 26 - flying to San Jose

Northern California Area - Monday September 27 through Friday October 1

-- Monday September 27

Speaking to leaders of CityTeam Ministries in San Jose from 11 AM to 2 PM
Speaking at the Cornerstone Campus of Cornerstone Church in Livermore

-- Tuesday September 28 - Dick B. speaking at Church of the Nazarene, Auburn
-- Wednesday September 29 - Dick B. speaking at Church of the Nazarene, Oroville
-- Thursday September 30 - open
-- Friday October 1 - Dick B. speaking at Golden Hills Church, Brentwood Campus, Brentwood

Saturday - October 1 flying from Oakland to LAX to Maui

Purpose of the trip: On all the foregoing events, the main objective is to define for the recovery community and the public the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in the Christian origins, history, founding, original program, and successes of early A.A. and can play today if God's help is wanted and sought. There is a new way out! Serving and glorifying God are primary. Helping the still suffering is the specific aim. And broadening the understanding of the scope and impact of alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, recidivism, and revolving door treatment is a vitally important adjunct--this means how society, parents, children, family, friends, schools, hospitals, churches, prisons, courts, correctional workers, social workers, government agencies, veterans, military personnnel, mental health facilities, rescue missions, homeless relief, police, and the public at large are in need of immediate attention and help. Particularly how to embrace Dr. Bob's statement: "Your Heavenly Father will never let you down!" (A.A. Big Book, page 181).

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