Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Strongly Support This Saved Life Bicycle Ministry

The March 2010 Nationwide Homeless Saved Life Benefit Bicycle Ride

We are launching a nationwide homeless benefit ride titled “ Coast 2 Coast: A Mile In Their Shoes” from the Jacksonville Beach Pier, Jacksonville, Florida to the Santa Monica Pier, outside of Los Angeles, California. A journey consisting of approximately 2,800 miles. Did I mention that I am doing this on a bicycle? The purpose of this benefit ride is:
• To raise awareness of the plight of our homeless, addicted, and hopeless brothers and sisters that many in society perceive as invisible and forgotten.
• To promote the documented effectiveness of the Christian Recovery effort to fight addictions, the leading cause of chronic homelessness.
• Remind the Body of Christ to get back to the basics of a gentle, compassionate, and a caring attitude. This is the essence of living a “Saved Life”. Are you living it?
This awareness will be brought to many major cities, villages, and towns by public speaking, press releases, and social media during the course of this trip, beginning on March 20th 2010. We are here to offer light to the lost, encouragement for the weary, and hope for the hurting. We are Saved Life, a registered non-profit organization.
Our mission towards Christian Recovery efforts is very simple: (1) To remind all in the recovery arena of the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have long played in the deliverance and healing of alcoholics, addicts, and those with life-controlling problems. Strong examples can be found in the evangelist-revivals, rescue missions, Salvation Army, YMCA, Young People’s Christian Endeavor Society and many years later in the original Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship. (2) God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Bible can play the same vital recovery role today among those who need, want, and are willing to receive God’s help. (3) Christian leaders and those in the recovery arena (which includes the homeless, imprisoned, at-risk, veterans, military, hospitalized, in treatment or rehabs, in therapy, and in churches, recovery fellowships, 12 Step fellowships, and Christian recovery groups) need to be trained in their specific circles to learn, listen, publish, disseminate, host, support, and encourage men and women to rise up and move out in love and service just as the early Christians did as reported in the Book of Acts.
The message we present here is that the lost, sick, weary, and burdened, who are all children of God, our fellow brothers and sisters, can stand strong with and in the Power and Love of God as they strive to overcome alcoholism, substance abuse, and other life-controlling problems and self-destructive behaviors. Also, that I (Jason J. Day) have done so!
Please visit our website at or email us at for more information or to invite Jason to speak at your Church, organization, or business. Thank you for your prayers and support. See ya on the road!

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