Sunday, July 01, 2012

Recovery Leader Richard Skolnik Reports on His Vermont AA History Tour

All, anybody who has not been there  my view is 1] East Dorset, very interesting, stayed in Burlington one year 1987-88? with a friend who had a ski house. We went in the summer Vermont is beautiful, very different than LI,NY[ I felt peaceful].[ mountainous]. 2nd time in 2009 [summer] I went I stopped in E Dorset at Wilson House, and Grfifith Library. Made the full inspection also visited Bill Wilsons grave. The Akron historian for Dr. Bob's Ardmore house [Ray G.] was giving a retreat. I believe I met Ozzie Lepper and his wife, good food. After 2 days in East Dorset went north to St Johnsbury. Stayed at Fairbanks Inn. Nice accomadations. Went to Atheneum, worth the trip, St Johnsbury Academy, looked at a lot of old newspaper accounts of the Great Awakening in late 1800's there. Took St. Jay walking tour to Dr Bob's birthplace and boyhood home on Summer St.. Attended an AA meeting there. What stood out in my memory the most ? Dr. Bob's North Congregational Church. Huge stone granite faced "fortress", only way I can describe it. I remember lots of space. The altar, Dick B's library, Pastor Sprout, a most gracious man. I still have that feeling today [awed]  seeing Dr. Bob's early roots and no one where I live, Smithtown, LI NY ever even been there. As a  Bible believing AA my recomendation if you can  see it all before you leave this earth. 

Best wishes,
R. Skolnik

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